Hridayam ~ Life Seeks Life

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  1. Pavan says:

    Great! You started giving rating for movies again, please do continue that …

  1. January 1, 2023

    […] and they are that low. Malayalam Industry stuck gold with the content, they started off with Hridayam kind of enjoyable movie, and continued with Jana Gana Mana, Bheeshma Parvam, Rorschach, Jaya Jaya […]

  2. July 14, 2023

    […] motivation to live, and start spreading hate towards him or her. What a message! If you have seen Hridayam [2022] movie, it talks about the same first love failure turning an Engineering student into a […]

  3. February 17, 2024

    […] Hridayam [2022] talks about first love and moving on in life to a better place with romance as the central pivot. You cannot pivot a perilous turn without invaluable support. It is not just about a man’s moving on but a woman’s too, who clings to her failed romance as the guilt more than the love makes her feel miserable. When you lose a loved one, even though you did everything you could, you always end up feeling guilty as you could not go that extra mile to save them. That guilt starts defining you and unknowingly, we impose the same guilt on people who are close to us as well. Rather than trying to understand their issues and problems, we just toss them around like they are easily disposable. When a fairy walks into the life of such a person, everything changes. Hridhayam talks about growing out of such fairy romances, while Premalu asks us to still hope for such fairy tales as people need love and it hits you when you are sleep-awake and leaves you when you are awake-asleep. […]

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