Karthikeya 2: A Mis-directed Diwali Rocket

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  1. Gt says:

    Sita ramam review

  2. Satish Sanathan says:

    Enjoyed Kartikeeya 2. Hope we get to see a lot of sanathana dharma in the movie series.

  3. Abhijith says:

    A well directed Shri Krishna Janmashtami gift. I believe henceforth that Lord Krishna was and indeed the current saviour. It’s about a way of living not a relegion . It’s sanatana dharma

  4. Iingjing says:

    This is how critic review should be and I’m glad I found it. Very sound logic.

  5. Anil KK says:

    intellectual review but i enjoyed the movie and ignored the flaws (As thats how commercial movies are)

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