A R Murugadoss’s Sarkar (2018) Movie Review

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  1. Anil says:

    You are harsh on Sarkar Mr.Survi. Scenes like Sundar claiming back his right to vote, underling people vs. money argument with No.2, media interaction provoking citizens to fight for their vote,stopping swearing in ceremony at the last moment, tomato scene in jalarapeta, above all 170 independents winning assembly. All deserve applause. Vijay was damn stylish in metro & party office fights. Sarkar atleast raised right questions, though answers, solutions might seem fantasized. Film will be a hit in Telugu too.

  2. Anil says:

    Pavan Survi Sir, you are too harsh on Sarkar. There are atleast 10 heroic moments/scenes that were executed damn well. Can’t go on as they might be spoilers. 49p brought to light, Money vs. People argument with No.2 during party is a smart one. There are atleast 10 scenes like these. High speed fight moments also were quite stylish. All key moments were star signatured. As fan boys to commercial cinema we love those. Your criticism was more deeper and specific juxtaposing practicality that itself is a complement to Sarkar.

    • survi says:

      Mr Anil sir, Thanks for calling me sir first of all.

      Sir, we are all commercial cinema fans even I can’t sit through a sumptuously long boring “award oriented film’, but when you keep watching films day-in and day-out, you try to discriminate and prepare yourself for movies that require your brain and for movies that just want you to be omnipresent. Sarkar is one that needs us to be omnipresent. we don’t need to use our brain or soul. Coming to harshness after watching 1600 commercial films roughly one wants the best from the best of the makers. You might have been satisfied watching Vijay, but we need some story too. Amen!

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