Upendra’s Upendra 2 (2015) Movie Review

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  1. gowda says:

    Uppi always super guru, geat job by him

  2. Satheesh says:

    Thanks for the review. I will definitely watch this movie.

  3. yogesh says:

    it is a very diffrent film .every one want understand yourself with happy present time. thanks uppiboss

  4. varghese says:

    Great work by Upendra, with lot of entertainment and work to brain to analyze our life ( to know who am I and what am I and what am I doing and what I will be if I do so). It’s a wonderful message to the one who understands it.

  5. suniketh s k says:

    Uppi bossu tumbane greatu .single single bg bandavroo mind it sandalwood stars, kal yelyo kelsa madbedi

  6. Nishchay Murthy says:

    The Movie Uppi2 is an outstanding superb. Its more than the usual films.No actor or directors can do this type of movies only upendra can implement and execute the Physiological thoughts in to a movie. Upendra is very good story writer actor and director above all good human being. Upendra is more concerned about the todays society, people are more stressed in todays fast moving world. Through this movie uppi2 he has given a great message to the society we should live in present and enjoy the movement of present and its the only simple way to be happy in life. Uppendra has given a treatment to all stressed persons through this movie. there is lot more to understand for life through this movie. Uppi sir you are always great this is what we wanted from you. We expect more movies to watch in your style you are relay back

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