Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam (2013) Movie Review

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  1. chakri says:

    Oh my god you said not a interesting story line….seems NAYAK,DAMMU,DOOKUDU,GABBAR SINGH,REBEL and etc had great story lines…

  2. survi says:

    Bhaiya!! No religion teaches to hate but some brainwashed misguided organizations/ Some one will rise to stop them.. idhi kotha concept kadhu.. chaala Movies unnayi e angle lo…

    Commercial Movies n E Movie ki Comparisons enduku chesavo yem alochinchi chesavo artham avatam ledhu MIND BLOCKED!!

  3. Lakshmi Narayana says:

    U had given 2.5/5; On what basis u had given I Don’t know..Just MIND BLOCKED by u r ratings..Film is exceptionally well in terms of Cinematography, story, screenplay, characterisations, production values..On basis of these, it should get easily 3/5…Hmm u had given 2.5/5

  4. survi says:

    Apart from Characterizations, Cinematography, Kamal Hassan, ART work.. there is nothing Rocking..

    Script was too predictable, Story line is Thin, BGM and Narration is very slow.. for a action thriller…

  5. Sagar Bathini says:

    It is Kamal cinema.. Thats it.. Chakri said well.. i dont think so it is lesser than Naayak .. i didnt seen the movie yet.. later i will speak and will come here again

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