Karan Malhotra’s Agneepath (2012) Movie Review

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  1. Sunil Tirumalasetty says:

    Dude, seriously lied the second half of the movie? I thoroughly enjoyed the first half but thirty minutes into the second half I lost interest. It was just being dragged, which was not at all necessary. The ending was the worst part of the movie. What did you like about the second half anyway?

  2. survi says:

    Movie is an homage to the original and they cant change the full climax and story line for it. For me what matters is full movie not first half or the second, the way Agneepath given an homage is an perfect example for every one how to show respect to the original. Rated more as presentation is impressive, stylish and sleek look to incidences placed in late 1970s. The way director portrays a dark, haunting theme throughout the flick, which captivates. Hrithik, Rishi, Sanjay Superb combination. Katrina Kaif’s item song ‘Chikni Chameli’ without a doubt could be the main highlight of the movie, but that’s just before you actually watch the film, as ‘Agneepath’ is much more than that.

  3. Harish says:

    realy gr8 movie…..marvelous re’presentation’.
    bt i wantd to tel 1 thng about the orignal agneepath.its how rajamouli got inspird to take al his heroic flicks.ila hindi lo inkeni unayo,rajamouli ila enni chusado…

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