Puri Jagannath’s Businessman (2012) Movie Review

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  1. b hanumant bhat says:

    Super hit movie. watched mng shw in Rockline cinemas bangalore, Mahesh babu performance highlight with bpuri dir & thaman music

  2. Pawan s.c says:

    excellent movie.mahi performence is morveless.hero ante ala vundali.

  3. Prince narayana says:

    Really awesome movie..!!
    All antis said that:mahesh babu will take lot of time to take a movie,he was less in romance, he cant get movie hit without comedians.

    Mahesh babu showed everything in business man movie wat anti’s wanted.. One man show

  4. anoop chakravarthy says:

    movie is really awesome and xlent….characteraisation of mahesh is superb which is self confident,perfect,and power packed…..but in 1st half missed a bit of logic where the batch of mahesh do a robbery in bank of maharashtra and gets the land papers but no police,or any officers did not care about it..and dat point is left logically …remaining dat …when comes to picturaisation mahesh and kajal were shown fine…really movie was shot in very short span but..when we watch movie…we will not come across any such findings…toatally movie is superrb and worth watching…

  5. sreedhar patnaik says:

    Movies are a media of expression. As the way I see it,puri has left some questions with sensible camouflage of surya’s character infront of audience. Perhaps,the negative shade has made most leave a frown. But a deep insight reveals that a question of morality never arises when it comes to one’s survival. Puri has succeeded in convincing that. I appreciate his subtle comments made against people’s hypocricy in terms of betrayal,god worship and fishing. His efforts to fill optimism in youth towards life through his leads in various movies follows as a custom must not be overlooked. Hearty Congrats to u puri that this film is a great success. Wish u all d best. I cherish ur idealism…

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