Vijayendra Prasad’s Rajanna (2011) Movie Review (First On Net)

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  1. vikram says:

    Loved the review looking forward for the movie…:)

  2. B Hanumantha Bhat says:

    just watched Rajanna. MM Keeravani music, cinematography very good, stunt also good, story-screenplay not bad, vijayendra prasad direction good.but nag fans cant appreciate rajanna because nag’s mass manarisam ishtapadevalliki rajanna yala anipistundo teliyadu. over all my rating 3/5. village,town centres audience ki Rajanna dil khush ga nacchutundi ani na aasha, support & watch Rajanna movie for a change

  1. March 25, 2022

    […] can go on and on. Rajamouli used a similar theme where a hero inspires another in Rajanna. Actually, his father, Shri Vijayendra Prasad directed it. Their hero is a small girl and her […]

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