Allu Arjun’s Badrinath (2011) Movie Review

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  1. akhil says:


  2. CHINNA says:

    varudu is much better than dis,HEAD ACHE movie,too much violence leads 2 BIGGEST FLOP

  3. ROHITH says:

    biggest FLOP of 2011,foolish script,poor direction,very very poor dialogues BY ALLU ARJUN

  4. DEEPIKA says:

    my rating is 1/5,take zandu bams 2 theaters,cant c allu arjun point5 face for 2.5hrs

  5. dammuvijay says:

    bigget in tollywood my ratting is 5/5

  6. satyanarayana says:

    it’s a vary vary vary…nice movie my rating 5/5 allu dance was mind blowing

  7. satyanarayana says:

    in Telugu industry no one can perform like allu arjun in dance land step was really hilt

  8. Saran says:

    not a worst movie but its good movie my rating is 3/5 stars

  9. shiva says:

    yet to see d movie..but i don know how is it going to be after seeing d above comments…………even den …….i don biliv oders ,unless i face it

  10. b hanumant bhat says:

    Gone to see,but tickets sold out. lets try later

  11. shiva says:

    the concept of brahmakamala is good,but i felt d over all script wud hav been much better ,,and especialy wen u create such a big hungama about d movie;before d release;;;;;dat to being a 40 crore budjet movie;;;;;people really expect something;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;it was not worth our expectations;;;;;;;;;;;but overall i liked allus dance in songs n i like d way d film is shot……….for any film or any star to maintain der stardum d script n d character of roles u play is d most important…………………………if u consider badrinath .watever be d script …………….but i liked d way d temple is shown in d movie ;really arrangements dun for d movie n its out luk is mind blowing;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;i don know y after magadeera d telugu actors n producers interested in such scripts……….anaganaga oka veerudu dun by siddarta was a flop…shakti dun by jr.ntr was a flop;;;;;;;;n now it s d turn of alluarjun;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;may b d movie vil not b come a flop…………..may be it will gain d budjet………….but it will not become a super hit,,,,,,,,,may be 100 days…but i think not more dan dat …..and moreover it vont brek d record of magadeera

  12. mukesh says:

    I liked the movie only bcoz of the in the night song which is awesome bcoz of bunny’s dance

  13. bunny says:

    nt bad movie gud i liked coustmes even i am a fashion degsiner of inifd college

  14. b hanumant bhat says:

    Story based below average movie, songs good, mm keravani music & allu arjun dance-action good, tamanna not bad,dharmavarapu-brahmi-msn comedy directly copied from indra, prakash raj icchina role ok

  15. shafee says:

    nice oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosem

  16. Swapnil s says:

    Allu arjun rocks time to allu arjun join bollywood

  17. steve vemul says:

    moviestory very decently in this running generation & family entertainment

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