Film Critic: Pavan Survi


Two Questions…

Just Two Questions made me start this blog.

What is a movie?

Why is it important?

I am trying to find my way to the ultimate destination of my journey by understanding what makes a movie, “Movie“?!  We laugh, we cry, we emote with them and then we carry that emotion with us, good or bad. We discuss it for a long time… But what makes a movie, a movie?

Well, answers I find, I do keep posting in my reviews. So, do read them, if you’re also interested.

Coming to why part, I believe entertainment is an addiction. We all need it. And a movie is the best Audio Visual form of it that can make us believe in a world that we might have not seen ever at all. In short, we all love knowing about others lives and compare. In a way, films help us do that.

My Rating Scale:

( for old reviews, when I used to give)

   – Awful

 – Could Have Been Better 

 – Good One 

 – Must Watch 

 – Classic 

Well, I am learning or trying to learn and share it with you all. I am happy to be found wrong in interpreting a film, a scene, a shot or an edit. Please feel free to use this space in a non-abusive way to discuss and share your interpretations with me. A healthy way to keep our entertainment healthy is to discuss and debate. Remember one thing, “We all are Critical about things we care and love.” In hatred, there is no place for growth, but this is a place for love and passion. Let’s go and build a healthy space together for all film-lovers.

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