Gargi: A side effect of complex simplicity

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  1. Raj says:

    The climax of ‘Kargi’ Tamil movie is Absolute Absurdity. Such incident might have happened in front of the eyes of this director. But, making it as a movie and screening to crores of people is propagating a bad image about not only the ‘Father’ figure but also the whole ‘Male-hood’. It will create a permanent suspicion among the daughters and wives about their fathers / husbands, which will result in restlessness among the women-folk at home and is not going to create a congenial atmosphere in the family / society. Movie directors should have a sense of social responsibility to spread only positive perspectives of human lives, because it reaches large chunk of population of different age groups. There are very less people to spread positivity. Negativity spreads very fast. The climax is highly despicable and condemnable.

  2. Gurujee Swetachandan says:

    Well observed, analysed and written but is this movie deserves such a write-up!, I am not sure. The screenwriter might have done well only to be butchered by the director.

  3. Gd says:

    I loved your write up….I watched the film just now, couldn’t digest the ending for its absurdity and came to browse to find if anyone else had similar view, and I found yours… the entire movie got killed just because the director wanted an unexpected “twist”. Doesn’t the twist prove that it’s ok to judge someone even before the trial is over? Then why make us to sit for 2hours?
    All the two hours of gargis plight is wasted … what’s the message director is giving? That we should view everyone suspiciously..?

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