Venkatesh Maha’s C/o Kancharapalem (2018) Movie Review

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  1. Anil says:

    C/o Kanacharapalem connects to you so well, you keep thinking about these characters. Sundaram’s father Ram Murthy didn’t say a word to his supportive smart wife? It feels like why Ram Murthy? why? He even seemingly determined eats breakfast & enjoys a soda. What we supposedly thought as a determination to ‘move on’ but this turns up opposite way breaking our heart. Saleema should have ‘given up’ prostitution not for the sake of those others, at least for the sake of Geddam, who proved himself to be such a pure soul and isn’t hesitant at all to introduce her to his friends. Saleema should have changed her way of life? Saleema & Geddam’s love was a way higher than many love stories we see week after week. It’s a purest soulful story. Maybe Saleema needs to end that way in story so that she can be eternal! Radha’s daughter throws in some logic & questions for us to think!! Than uncle argument of hers won a huge applause in theatre as if it’s a commercial heroic scene. Maybe viewers knew when they see heroism. Raju ending up with Radha also is satisfying. They knew how to celebrate life in companionship. Venkatesh Maha & team succeded great!! Hoping many more soulful stories from Venkatesh Maha. Hoping Many more storytellers will come and celebrate stories like these filled with life.

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