Trivikram Srinivas’s Agnyaathavaasi (2018) Movie Review

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  1. Aditya says:

    1. Either Abhishiktha or Bhargav doesnt convey the synonym word for Krishna as per Google.
    2. Either Lord Krishna or Virata parvam Panadavas before claiming the throne are eligible for it by undergoing training in shastras and other skills required whereas A Bhargav, supposed to be a multi-billionaire son is even unaware of even simple GST( reads from wiki for interview).
    3. Many scenes from Largo winch should be mentioned as they are direct copy. First death scene of multi-billionaire, crisis in company, Documents to be proved secured elsewhere and consequent chase, both heroes brother will die etc..
    4. Lord Krishna establishes Yadava kingdom and builds Dwaraka, he doesnt simply rule Kamsa property . Even after Virata parvam, pandavas try for peace before waging war, almost all the stories will have genesisMerely comparing with mythology will only be a fanatic hero glorification.

    • Survi Pavan says:

      1. Bhargav is a name of Vishnu whose avatar is named as Bharagava Rama. Abhishiktha is also a name of Vishnu. As Krishna is Lord Vishnu’s avatar you can attribute that to him. (Abhishiktha means Abhishekam meanings grand and pure bath. So, Abhishiktha is a person anointed.. this names as a direct relation to Lord Vishnu implying to Lord Krishna.)

      2. The film is always about implied synonyms in Telugu but not completely literal meaning. You need to see the root of the idea and Genisys can be connected to any part of the great mythological stories, true, but the idea taken as an inspiration is the major point of discussion. There are 10 different sastras for the same thing we do every day in the morning, in the evening and in the night that define the position. There are hundreds of adaptations from original Jaya that talk about Mahabharatam characters. Not every version places Pandavas and Kouravas as the only successors of the land .. there are many rulers who helped them be that way and there are different stories that highlight how each one came under the opinion to support whom. In that Virata Parvam carries ten stories within and only popular story among them is what we see in films but books and adaptations offer much more. Appreciate your queries my friend, but getting caught up in the literal meaning sense in a world of inspirations and copies would only end up as nitpicking and pointing fingers at each other.

      3.Largo Winch might have been popularised but there are ten different English television series that directly have such shots of killing off a person in the first frame. If we start pointing out all of them or even remotely start saying that for every film, we end up hating our guts as each and every classic that we are proud off is also a copy. So, I dialed down on calling films as inspirations or copies for time being. But you can promote this as a copy no issue.

      4. The building of Dwaraka is different from taking revenge against Kamsa. He did that to save Yadavas from Jarasandha who waged war against them for 18 times. He couldn’t kill him as he had a boon.

      PS: Mythological stories tho connection unnantha mathrana ye cinema goppa cinema ayipodhu.

      Thanks for your thoughts and comment Aditya.

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