S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali : The Conclusion (2017) Movie Review

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  1. Mallik. says:

    Lol , man you are trying too hard to sound like a “sensible critic”. Though I agree with a few points , like the climax could have been executed better, and the gullibility of the character amarendra , you just went way overboard . Poor choice of words and examples, more like trying to win an argument against the masses.
    Constructive criticism might be more appreciated than , “condescending criticism” which is of use . I hope with so much intellect , one day , you make a movie and prove me wrong . Good luck .

  2. Ramagopal.g says:

    A wonderful evaluation. May not be to the liking of the masses or the followers. S. S. Rajamouli is very good as a commercial director. And the entire marketing team did a very good job in creating the hype and marketing the movie. But the drawbacks are mentioned by you. Good sir.

  3. Tej Naidu says:

    A very decent analysis of the movie brother. Though the director offers nothing new in content, he always scores a success with his emotional scenes. Especially he plans a very good Interval Bang every time. Icing on the cake for this movie series are the VFX. It was spectacular to see the visuals.

  4. Sbj says:

    1 star is suffice to this duology when you delete all the VFX from the movie… How can one just praise this movie too much only for the sake of graphics and costly settings when the story comes too weak… Even the posters of these two parts are copied along with many scenes from Hollywood movies. How cheap!!!

  5. Jagadeesh Basava says:

    What about Bhallala’s son… Where did he came from… And what happened to his mother

  6. Sreekar says:

    Sir, I constantly follow your website for your reviews. I feel that whenever movie is good, u will be in dilemma and not rate the movie. Ex : Baahubali 2,Guru etc.,. I respect your knowledge in movies but i think your being too hard in your reviews. There will be coincidence of story line in almost every movie being released with an old movie, we cannot always say that director took inspiration from old movie. We should respect the amount of effort they have put in this mammoth project. I think baahubali is benchmark for indian cinema and it deserves it respect. Hope you rate all the movies in your further reviews.

  7. Abhilash Karnati says:

    I left for the movie with a hope that it would be an epic but After watching Bahubali:The conclusion I was disappointed. Then I read your review and saw the exact feelings of myself in it.

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