K S Ravindra’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh (2016) Movie Review

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  1. teja says:

    Was waiting for your review u know it will be very obnoxious for fans like me after reading what you’ve attributed though it’s very genuine and clear.

  2. cinemafreak1 says:

    oka aruvu bokka cinema ki intha pedda review raasi, mee range ni baaga thagginchesukunnaru.

  3. murthy says:

    4/5… truly it is entertaining…

  4. Kamesh says:

    ********** For normal people:

    1. some scenes in first half & scenes around tuba tuba song, interval block.
    2. fights ( specially last punch to the villian in climax without guns).
    3. dsp BGM for love scenes & interval block.
    4. dialogues.
    5. songs in first half
    6. brahmi & pk comedy in first half

    1.story (pawankalyan’s)
    2.screenplay i.e story telling (pawankalyan’s)
    3.songs in second half (too worst).
    4.brahmi & pk comedy in second half (too worst).
    5. climax (even though whole second half but climax makes it too worst).
    6. direction (bobby’s).

    final word: at your own risk.

    Rating : 1/5

    ************ For Fans (not generation or family or cast based fans but only heart full fans):

    1. pawankalyan
    2. such a simple & natural acting by pawan which we are expecting from almost 15 years (makes me to repeat watch infinite times).
    3. excellent first half.
    4. fights (especially handling of guns & karate fights).
    5. composition of first half songs.
    6. pk dances & interval block & dsp bgm & lot of scenes in second half.
    7. sangeet episode.

    2. pk & brahmi comedy in second half.
    3. pre climax.
    4. sangeet episode.
    5. non pawankalyan scenes.
    6. songs in second half ( too worst )

    final word: must repeat watch movie ( vaadu mundu alaane untadu aa tarvate ardham avutadu)

    rating: 3.5/5

  5. Rajendra says:

    My rating for the movie is 4/5

  6. SGS Movie says:

    Boss i am respecting your all previous reviews but this review totally disagree and i fell very bad , Move is okay not bad we are expecting 2.5 .

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