Sreenu Vaitla’s Bruce Lee (2015) Movie Review

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  1. Josh Ravi says:

    Awesome review Bhaiya 🙂 Correct ga chapav

  2. prasad says:

    boring movie.chiru entrance look like a TV ad. chiru should upgrade his presence suits to these trend.

  3. Kiran Vizag says:

    Average Movie… only megastar entry superb 🙂

  4. ashok says:

    all right but rating is 2.25 for megastar 0.50 because emotions was good and megastar entry was peeks no
    body in the seat

  5. Sathish says:

    Perfect review

  6. Shashank says:

    Awesome reviews buddy…95% I will take your reviews as referendum…5% cases you will misfire

    I am following your reviews since day of Google channels were established…
    Keep it up buddy…

    I think for Bruce Lee….1 is enough it seems…..0.5 more for megastar cameo….
    If ram charan is not son of mega star….not even dog would watch his films…..I felt its boredom movie during all the time(poor acting skills he had,you know during surgery his face muscle has cut so with that effect we can’t see perfect smile on his cheek)

    But your reviews are awesome…

    • Survi Pavan says:

      WHoa!! Google SMS Days.. thats years man.. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Will surely keep an eye on that percentage 🙂

      I had no issues with Music-Cinematography-Art work or mediocre works like action/choreography in Bruce Lee. so taking them into consideration i would have rated it a 1.5.. but surprisingly Chiru cameo was an asset to the wonky second half.. so thought of respect and rated 0.25 for it. as you know i don’t rate 0.25/0.75 i gone with the next rating possible.

      Thanks for your TRUST, LOVE & SUPPORT Shashank 🙂

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