Ram Gopal Varma’s Anukshanam (2014) Movie Review

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  1. Raja Satish says:

    Even if we don’t draw parallels with Hollywood, we have much better films in Mollywood. “Memories”, as mentioned by you, is arguably the best serial killer film of recent times. So, it’s high time to push the envelope and deliver something engaging and entertaining. “Anuskshanam” falls short of being a thriller. The film neither stands tall for its substance nor for the sparkling implementation of the written material by the director to create an earth-shattering product.

  2. rgv says:

    movie sucks

  3. Nanii says:

    Hey Survii,

    You are Giviving Very Good Review man.Dont Change the track.Even your Favourate hero,Give Correctlyy.

    Jeevi rating Fuckinggg.he Gives utter flop Movie also 3 plus

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