Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayathe — Daughters are Precious

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  1. Mohan Gundre says:

    Yes, i support this. Issue i realy hert this things.

  2. Charu says:

    HI Amir
    AAG lag gayi . We are in Canada Toronto I want to cast my vote to “yes” but yeh aag bahut jaldi bhuj bhi jayegi….. with your next show ppl will forget about this issue and move on …
    They love stories I would recommend that you after few days come back to this topic again and discuss what needs to be done …

  3. riwayat says:

    yeah daughter’s are always precious and everyone will agree with that and after watching aamir khan’s show “satyamev jayate” India should woke up and after watching that episode it reminds me the movie riwayat its a really good movie on female foeticide everyone should watch it once..

  4. Bhagya says:

    i am really happy to see this program.i think that satyamev jayate will make a difference in India and also i am giving messages to all the people i know to see this program.I am also very thankful to Aamir Khan for giving it much support as an anchor.

  5. Aag jo lagi hai, anjam kya hoga.

    tere is paigaam ka,
    mukaam kya hoga.
    Saanse thaam na jaye is bewafai ki duniya me,
    jane wo anjaam kya hoga.

  6. anu gupta says:

    This is what jo hame chaiye thi we all r with u and seriously saying this is what makes the programe star and this is what makes u a super star Amir
    May god bless u . . . . .

  7. Swapnil sankale says:

    Jana maine jana, apne jindagi ka maksad…

  8. Adnan khan says:

    Ab Hawayen Hi Karengi Roshni ka faisla,,

    Jis Diye Me Jaan Hogi Wo Diya Reh Jayega…

  9. Adnan khan says:

    Haqiqat keh raha hun khush bayani mat samjh lena,,

    Baharen lout aayengi banado baaghban mujh ko…

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