Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One (2011) Movie Review [First On Net]

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  1. Suhas says:

    rating akuvayipoyindi anna… oka 2, 2.5 isthe masth.. script chetha.. story bakwas…. no logic at all…..

  2. survi says:

    nijama suhas i felt movie was visual wonder with additional positives songs,1st half narration and intro scenes, and for lead performances so alla i rated it 2.75 macha.. hmm neeku nachaka povadam enti ??

  3. chakri says:

    Watched both 7th sense and…but 7th sense is 100times better than can give 4/5 for 7th sense..and 1.5 for for its bakwas story.this 1.5 is for the budjet and effects…..

  4. Pawan s.c says:

    worst logic at all.but sharukh is best.

  5. indra prasanth says:

    i watched G ONE not nice in telugu but it is good for choldren go with your small brothers or sisters they will feel happy,nice moviee effects are simply superb.

  6. Suman says:

    Watched Movie in 3d rod ga undi bhayya..;)

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