Govind Varaha’s Nenu Nanna Abaddam (2011) Movie Review

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  1. suresh U says:

    Your comments are mostly good and acceptable except one area which is not agreeable, with regard to Prakash Bharadwaj’s performance.

    In my opinion it was Prakash Bharadwaj’s acting, role, expression was outstanding and is the main asset to the movie.

    But opinions differ from person to person.


  2. survi says:

    Thanks for ur Comments Suresh Upadyaya 🙂 🙂

  3. Sreenivas says:

    Dear Suresh,
    Seems u r friend of Prakash. 9/10 will have same feeling after watching Prakash Bhardwaj, it is waste of time. He killed the movie with his useless presence. Absolutlely not required. He is a big bore plus his expressions are making people go Nauseating. maybe he may have put some money for the role. who else will bear such Nausea guy. All unit may have beared him only for that reason, we think so. He is waste fellow. outdated guy. shud try in tamil films or else go to some other planet. if the film flops its due to him only. he is fit for old DD serials only. there also he will be shooed. basically when we saw promos, there also he imposes and talks nonsense for long duration. better he is shunted off to another planet.

  4. venkat says:

    yes exatly srinivas, your openion is right its a better critic of the movie but teere is another one. songs and the background score helped more to the film

  5. says:

    Prakash is major minus of the film. now 100% sure after suresh that he has put his money in film. useless fellow…this rogue imposes with his nasty vocal chords and scoundrel behaviour…he thinks he is big hero but infact nothing less that than an big bore…wonder he may have got the script written for him….what Mr.Govind Varaha…come clean…how u… got this devil into the script..kick his ass…never take him..he is shani…

  6. suresh U says:

    Dear Srinivas,
    Watch your words, Criticise, but let it not hurt the heart. Just because, you can’t stand in front of me and talk, it does not mean, you can write anything.Cowards resort to masks, whereas people with guts can come upfront and talk face to face. That’s reality. You have no guts, no choice, but just talk behind a mask.
    I am sorry, but your comments don’t deserve any appreciation. People who are not on action are the first people to comment and criticise. You have a high rating in this category.
    Please stop reacting if you have any sense of realisation or sense.

  7. Sreenivas says:

    What to watch…what to say…people have given verdict for movie.which is running to blank houses..Megaflop. you have frog in the well concept..why self dabba dear..learn from ur mistakes and accept reality..only cowards dont accept or learn from mistakes..i was bold enough call shit a shit..we saw a movie and gave the verdict…you should accept the verdict…else should shoot a movie and watch among urselves and do self dabba.. you cannot stop anybody from reacting when in public..what guts idiot..u have no balls…how can you stop any from reacting…

  8. Sreenivas says:

    Now another offer to sell shit…with Gold Coins..still nobody will try their hand…now u can see urself and make self dabba…if u donot today times…you guys can go …get ur own coin..join in another chit chat ….and he will start his nonstop pausing nonsense..with or without invitation…basically an irritating fellow…nobody will see..nxt week will be thrown out of AP halls. waiting for worst film and worst performer of year award.

  9. Aparna Sood says:

    hey guys, why is somebody forcing to see a movie…why r the producers giving offer like gold coins and free tkts. one of my friend got today. its even being reported by guys close to dir…that this script was modified to accomodate Mr.Prakash Bhradwaj…indeed the real villian of film..He is the real producer and said as if somebody is putting money on sevral TV chit chats…what a pity…its was doomed since this guy put his iron leg. Also why is hero doing cabbie services now a days…maybe producers have gave him cab instead of money.

  10. sahasra says:

    good posters .. and bad movie….

  11. Sreenivas says:

    Yes u r right sahasra…posters & promos were good but movie is a shit…a washout…the director/producer tried to fool the cinegoers…what was in posters was absent in movie…they deserve a big kick for fooling the cannot take public for a ride…you are telling something in promos that is not in film…somewhere the director/producer is to be dragged to court for misleading info..waiting to see if we can catch hold of the cheaters. will also try to get hold of Hero and ask him what is the matter and where to get hold of these and give a good kick in public for fooling us…anyhow God did justice…film sank without a trace…chatta film and param bore. that villian is horrible. just send that guy to another planet….

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