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I’ve been going over the old reviews compiling some sort of resorting Hits & Pits of the year, and it clicked on me that I’ve been using a rating for the concluding “Survi Review” but have never really clarified what the numbers should be taken to mean. An oversight on my behalf, to be sure, and one I intend now to correct. What follows is the ten possible final rating scores for this sites reviews, along with brief explanations of what such a rating is meant to say about the film.
As Pauline Kael said, “Movies are so rarely great art, that if we cannot appreciate great trash, we have very little reason to be interested in them.” So I don’t usually brag about a movie and I’m totally ungenerous about rating a movie review, anyways here it goes.
 Awful – What were they thinking? 
Terrible – Wouldn’t watch it again. It was boring and lifeless. It didn’t fit in with its target, and it shouldn’t have been made.
Bad – A mess of a movie. It would have been pointless, and have hardly anything positive about it. Watch at your own risk.
Okay – Has some good moments, but not enough for me to recommend it.
Average – There are more positives than negatives, but it’s not entirely satisfying.
Good – A good film. Has its moments but a little frustrating because it could have been a lot better.
Almost there – An impressive work that I would happily watch again.
Great – I’d be happy to watch this again. Worthy of many re-watches and an eventual Blue Ray purchase.
Filmic Perfection – The Full House. There’s no such thing as a perfect film, but
these come damn close.

No Body makes movies bad on purpose: Ronald Emmerich

From 2014, there won’t be Zero rating as EVERY film require some effort, even if it is awful and contains objectionable content. 
The thing that makes a great genre movie is one that’s not just entertainment, not just horror or sci-fi or whatever. The great ones are the genre pictures with some subversive message underlying it all: Ethan Hawke
Genre is an important concept to understand. Many people may be turned off by a film because of the genre it is in. People must learn to be open minded in these cases also. Genre is a very important component of film. It defines what the general direction the plot line will go and allows you to prepare yourself for that film.
Action: Displays human survival
Adventure: Travel to another places
Animated: Slow motion & Cartoon
Comedy: Fun & Entertainment
Crime: Plots on unconventional actions
Documentary: Reports an issue / narrates a drama
Drama: Deals with human emotions
Family: Plot suitable for all ages
Fantasy: Adventure deal with dark ages
Horror: That scare audience
Musical: Deals with songs & dance as primary factor
Science: Fiction: Deals with ET & Space adventure
Suspense: The plots outcome kept secret in best way possible
War: deals with wars that occur in human history
Western: Deals with American west between 19 & 20th century
Sub genres are often overlooked or ignored be it because of an established dislike or a genuine ignorance of them. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that every reader has a favorite genre, but even the most avid reader may sometimes fail to read and recognize the vast sub genres each genre has to offer.
Genres are old as film industry itself, to make gen x audience entertained Sub-Genres are established. Here are few mainstream sub genres.
Adult: [Sub: Drama] deals with human social & sexual values, that can only be understood only people over 18 years. (Ex: Shame)
Atomic Age: [Sub: Sci-Fiction] deals with atomic bombs & year 1940-50’s. (Ex: Godzilla)
Concert: [Sub: Music] When a concert is filmed (Ex: Never Say Never, This Is It)
Dark Humor: [Sub: Comedy] When a serious subject has comical tinges
Detective: [Sub: Suspense] Deals with investigation. The films on Sherlock Holmes are best examples.
Disaster: [Sub: Action] which showcases natural & mechanical disasters. (Ex: 2012)
Espionage: [Sub: Action] Spy Films such as Madras Café.
Exploitation: [Sub: Every Genre]: Explains the worst in graphic detail.
Found Footage: [Sub: Horror] deals with found video evidences.
Frontier: [Sub: Western] this kind of western is treated as drama with minimal gun shooting.
Futuristic: [Sub: Sci-Fiction] Future of Humans/Earth
Gangster: [Sub: Crime] Takes place in early 1900’s which doesn’t include mob/mafia.
Historical: [Sub: Drama] Explains the something happened in History
Holiday: [Sub: Family] Story surrounds a holiday.
Melodrama: [Sub: Drama] characterized by plot to appeal to the emotions of the audience
Macabre: [Sub: Horror]
Magic: [Sub: Fantasy] Magical Powers.
Martial Arts: [Sub: Action] deals with Kung du, Karate..etc
Mystery: [Sub: Suspense] Deals with mystery murders.
Police: [Sub: Crime] Films that deal solely with police activity
Political: [Sub: Drama] Deals with politics
PreHistoric: [Sub: Sci – Fiction] Dinosaurs and pre historic times
Road: [Sub: Drama/Action/Adventure] Episodic journey on Open Road
Romance: [Sub: Drama] about love and human relationships
Slapstick: [Sub: Comedy] Punch Comedy/Physical Comedy
Slasher: [Sub: Horror/Sci-Fiction] makers use loads of blood and edged weapons as shock value.
Sports: [Sub: Drama/Comedy] Sports setting that ate central and predominant in the story
Social: [Sub: Drama] Deals with Social issues around the world.
Speculation: [Sub: Documentary] covers films on mysteries like UFO, Aliens… etc.
Spoof: [Sub: Comedy] Makes fun of certain personalities, films… etc.
Stand Up: [Sub: Comedy] Deals with concert on Stand Up Comedians
Super Heroes: [Sub: Fantasy Action]:  Based on Super humans and extraordinary powers
Super Natural: [Sub: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror] Themes with gods-ghosts-miracles-spirits etc
Sword and Sorcerer: [Sub: Fantasy] Films takes place in medieval times
Terror: [Sub: Horror] About frightful human issues
Thriller: [Sub: Suspense] Gripping & Edge of the seat entertainer