Siva’s Vivekam (2017) Movie Review

Vivekam Movie Review Vivegam

Vivekam Movie Review Vivegam

Movie Review: Vivekam
Star Cast: Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan, Aarav, Karunakaran
Directed by Siva
Cinematography by Vetri
Edited by Ruben
Music by Anirudh Ravichandar
Certificate: UA & Runtime: 143 Minutes

Inda Ulagathil ellarum nee thottitte thottitte ani vadarinallum .. Never EVER GIVE UPPP

These are words I kept in my word after watching the movie and while typing this review. I did try to understand what has been the so huge point that convinced a secured actor like Thala Ajith to go the extra mile and transform himself from fat to fit and remove the shirt to show off his six pack. When you say an actor needs a six pack to score a hit, I don’t agree. Vijay Sethupathi who has gone out of shape is still able to deliver a hit like Vikram Vedha. So what is it that made Thala go fit for this movie. Well, it is not the film that inspired but it is himself who has been motivated to do so and Siva happened to come up with a story that highlights his natural motivation in life. That’s the reason I think he kept on referencing Thala to a Phoenix and even used graphics to show the bird.

Necessity: 404 Error Found.

Ok, let’s see how the movie is then…

The Intro:

Ajay Kumar, Ajith himself, (he is named Ajith Kumar in Tamil FYI) opens the movie by killing an entire mob crossing the three level security without much trouble. Here the problem is not Ajith but his image. Director wanted Ajith to be seen as a cool agent who is always ten steps ahead than others but when you see a Bond or Sherlock film, you feel they are organically intelligent but here we feel the agent is intelligent or cool because he is Ajith. As we see our heroes as superheroes who can do anything we are happy that we got to whistle here.

Ok, Fan Moments and intro is over …

Next Fan Moment:

Now Ajith is again re-introduced as a survivor with a surviva song in the background well composed and sung by Anirudh. We get an introduction to villain Aryan Sinha, Vivek Oberoi but he is more in awe of Ajith than even fans and movie lovers. His duty is to dissect the moves of Ajith and praise him as a superhuman. He does that and we get next Fan Moment.

Third Fan Moment

Now, the Intro fight, song, and even villain intro are over what next, flash back …

As it is a flash back we get third Fan Moment and intro. Here Kajal Aggarwal who is restaurant owner is unable to streamline the orders for South Indian food. She needs a rescuer and there she gets a message in Morse code. She runs towards her kitchen and sees all orders ready in seconds. There he is Ajith cooking for people and them praising.

Ajith can fight, Ajith can say dialogs, and Ajith can cook too… fans got their moments.

Now time for the story….

22nd Intro and Fan Moment

After 45 minutes, we still wonder where is the story, what is the flash back all about, but the Fan Moments are full. Thala is going into a mob building in Reid Redemption style. We are witnessing him say something funny cracking and tracking a high-level tracker who even got an operation to change her face, plastic surgery. But few others to follow her and come exactly to the places where she is trying to hide from him. Still, our hero doesn’t suspect anything fishy but he is the most clever guy.

Again, a fan moment… Thala can ride the bike and he can do wheeling too…

Interval, 45th Fan Moment …

Pre-interval is filled with 20 fan moments so, the count…

In the 45th moment, he promises Kajal he will be back and that’s all, we get a Phoenix bird flying up in graphics and Ajith falling down from a high cliff and all villains shoot him at a time.

Well, Story till now: Error 404 File Not Found

2nd half:

50th Fan Moment.. the famed rage song. What a catchy tune and wow, how well did Ajith train himself. That’s all you got in this too. But Siva doesn’t manage to shoot the song well and edit it right.

20 minutes later, 65th Fan Moment.

Once again, Thala is giving his loving wife a word that he will be back. There are fan moments but there is no story. Very time when we are wondering what is happening, Vivek Oberoi comes to give an elevation to Thala.

75 Fan Moment…

Now, we resort to fan moments than looking for a story. Siva, the writer, and director have made it evident that we have come to a Thala Film and the only thing we have to do is whistle for Thala. But this moment where he drives a bike and threatens Vivek, we are happy that he does. We think now at least fan moments won’t be cheap but earned.

Pchh Naive soul …

85th Fan Moment

Now, in the climax, Thala is walking into highly secured high power hubs and switching them off like it is a child’s play. Having many resources, the villain just runs to save the real location rather than confuse hero or make it tough for him.

Anyways, he finds Kajal and got to stop Thala. We think climax will be interesting…

90th Fan Moment.

In a simple combat climax, where both know how each other fights and thinks Siva imbibes great fan moment by making Ajith shirtless… that’s it we got tickets worth …

But the story, screenplay, narration, …

(Till now Right part that decodes creativity and wants logic as been overpowering me, Left Brain, finally opens up)

shut up Shut Up SHUTT UPPP.

It’s a big hero film, there won’t be scenes or screenplay all you will get is Fan Moments. You are still in 80’s and 90’s where a big hero film can be either a¬†Baasha or Fan Moment bonanza. It can’t be both. Either watch the story on History Channel¬†or sit silently in this Cartoon Network-ish tribute of Fan Moments to a popular hero… where we need Fan Moments and Fan Moments only.

Rating: Fanism is an emotion, you can’t rate emotions!

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