Aishwarya Dhanush’s Cinema Veeran (2017)

Survi Review CInema Veeran A Tribute To Fight Masters

Aishwarya Dhanush’s Cinema Veeran (2017) Movie Review 

Movie Review: Cinema Veeran
Directed by Aishwarya R. Dhanush
Produced by Dhanush
Music Composed by A R Rahman
Edited by Ruben

We have seen many makers trying to bring out the stories behind the big success stories of Indian Cinema but none of us are aware of the other lovers of Cinema and Aishwarya decided to bring the passion these forgotten heroes. Veeran corresponds to Fighter in English and Cinema Veeran is an ode to those passionate stuntmen who fight against the odds to give us a thrill of watching our big stars bashing the heroes left, right and centre. We see them flying around to elevate the hero and such men are forgotten while the hero walks on the screen as the greatest saver in the world for wolf whistles of his fans.

This film brings out the real passion of these men to the forefront. Do you know that these people get just 350 per day and they have to risk their lives to get an amount like 10,000. They run through fire, tumble on the train tops, jump from the heights more than 30 and 50 feet. They even drive the car that needs to be smacked into a target. It is them, who help create a great action piece for the movie but they do not have any insurance for their lives.

The movie brings out their plight very well and even the voice over by Rajnikanth works beautifully for the movie. We tend to overlook their contribution but if a Hero needs to become the ‘Hero’ he needs a villain. For every Arjuna, you may not find a Krishna but you definitely need a Duryodhana and a Karna for him to be known as Arjuna. Such is the importance of these people and their stories are presented in a heart touching fashion. These are the real passionate people who live on the knife’s edge and believe me after watching this 51 minute documentary or a tribute, you will find respect for these men.

As far as the production values and pacing go, Aishwarya R Dhanush packs the documentary with enough emotional punch by taking us through an emotional roller-coaster ride and in the end A R Rahman takes over the scene with his soulful song and we are moved by the entire experience. This is a must-watch experience for all the cinema lovers.

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