Trinadha Rao Nakkina’s Nenu Local (2017) Movie Review

Nani Nenu Local Review Survi

Movie Name; Nenu Local
Star Cast: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Eswari Rao, Posani Krishna Murali, Sachin Khedkar, Naveen Chandra and Tulasi.
Direction: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Cinematography by Nizar Shafi
Produced by Dil Raju

Censor Certificate: UA & Runtime: 143 Minutes.

A decent crowd of all college youngsters coming to the theatres in the first show was quite a pleasing scene unexpectedly and further a few cheers on its opening statutory warning, following up to the opening scene with decent score formed me to accept that may be I was wrong in understanding another pucca commercial entertainer before its wide release. But… (Will get to that point in the later paragraphs)

Babu (Nani) is shown as parama gaali guy in an Engineering college, who can do anything and beat any man he wants, when he wants. From the opening sequence, it is shown that this character is bewarse. In the meantime, Keerthy (Keerthy Suresh) is shown to have a character, in short we can say xxx soap lanti daughter of a lecturer (played by Sachin). She has that good value education and has a chaduvula saraswati face. She is so sanskari, that her father fellow says that “nuvu naa pathikella namakkam raa”. Accidently, Nani comes across “potti” Keerthy and gets immensely attracted to her (like in Umpteen Nani films). Initially she dislikes him. But gradually, they fall in love, but Nani’s life equation changes when her Father makes a shocking revelation (Following the recent stalking film guidelines).

Everybody waits for festivals… mostly for Food right? Now imagine you being served Pindi Vantalu every day? You might like it in the beginning, acetify for some more days and finally get virakthi on it. Every alternative week Tollywood makers are serving audience with the same mundane dibbharotta kind of films, and this week’s release Nenu Local is another entrant to the list. It has same characterizations, situations, twists, music, comedy, and every other damn thing in the Telugu commercial cinema rule book, which you have seen 1000 times before in other films. Even the actors performance look very dated. To explain what has gone, first we have to look at camera and other technicalities before going into the script.

Nizar Shafi might have seen the referenced films (attarintiki daredi, idiot, varsham, Son of Satyamurthi, Cinema Chupistha Mama, BBM & many more) that were discussed with him, while writing the script. He tried to match colour tones, short lengths and even the basic structuring of those scenes. So, what original did he do, only thaadimattaya will know. Framing lessons should be given to him, also he should have seen Remo (2016) to understand, how beautiful Keerthy Suresh is! Once upon a time there used to be a musician in Telugu Film Industry, who used to be an asset to romantic films. His violin used to say Bommanu Geesthe, his veena used to please even Manmadhudu and it was pure Anandam to hear his music to the ears. Somewhere that man debride into DSP, while Devi Sri Prasad synonymous to fresh music DSP is synonymous for rehashed tunes. Even his BG score that rocked in Nannaku Prematho, Nenokkadine and Mirchi was completely missing here. Editor Praveen Pudi’s work reminds us of a famous saying “Kandaku Leni Duradha Kathipettaku Enduku”.

Story – Screenplay by Prasanna Kumar and Trinadha Rao is a classic example to the unofficial Krishna Nagar Script Doctor’s manual – “Padhi cinemalu chudu oka cinema kadha raayi”. They took it very literally like every other Tollywood director, but forgot their route to Korean Drama’s warehouse and just took a wrong turn to several Telugu world archives. If somebody invites you to their house and serve you a week backs good food, how will you reason with it. So that much how disappointed and violated I felt after spending my money. Atleast promise me, a decent entertainer that ‘your’ teaser teased upon, if you cannot do that don’t expect people to go gaga over your work. Pathachinthakaya Pachadi is only tasteful, when it is stacked up for month not years.

After ‘Astachamma’, ‘Ala Modalaindi’, ‘Eega’, ‘Pilla Zamindar’ Nani stood for a promise of different or at least uniquely executed old formulaic movies. But his last two movies promised nothing, except few sparks here and there. A dangerous web has been created around, Nani by Star Nani. Slowly but surely he is slipping under the weight of stardom, even his acting in this movie has taken a severe beating and he needs to rediscover himself as soon as possible (Chethulu Kalaka Akkulu Pattukoni Em Labbam). There is a doppelganger existing in Keerthy Suresh’s career and that doppelganger is quite different from Tamil Original Keerthy Suresh. They used her brilliantly (Watch Rajinimurugan and Remo) and somehow Telugu Directors fail to capture her original essence. Tulasi and M Bhasha successfully bring housedown, in their couple of scenes. Rest all others including Posani, Sachin, Eswari Rao and Naveen have been reduced to Caricatures.

Commerciality is good and required but Art should not die, just because somebody wants to establish themselves as successful directors and actors. Lakshmi unna chotta Saraswathi undadu, Kani Saraswathi unna chotta Lakshmi nidananga ayina vasthundi. So, whom you wanna run after is your own choice. Basically, Sarawathi is very hard to please, while Lakshmi sometimes gets easily pleased. The faults in the movie are not accidental but they look very incidental and self aware. If you cannot correct them you cannot expect people to fall for it twice-trice and every-time. Edhaina okasari chesthene andam. As per as watch-ability goes if you have time at luxury to spend two hour twenty three minutes on quick view of several successful movies (vihagavikshanam), give it a try.

PS1: I accidentally over heard a Top Producer saying Vishleshakulu should be allowed to watch movies only in single screens otherwise, they cannot judge audience pulse. If this is the kind of movie that we are going to get, even audience might agree with Vishleshakulu.

PS2: Once even a producer rated his disaster movie with 3 stars, but did not stop him from watching movie at Multiplexes.

Survi Review: 1/5

2 thoughts on “Trinadha Rao Nakkina’s Nenu Local (2017) Movie Review

  1. cinimaa moththam neat comedy undhi. yekkada bore kottaledhu. nani acting super. cinima chususappudu idhentra babu chulleka chachipothunna ane scene okati kuda ledhu. neat dailogues. manchi story unna sariga theyyalekapothunna erojullo rooutine story ni kuda intha baga theyochcha anel aundhi. climax scene matram superb. producers and Vishleshakulu yela unnaro thelidhu gaani theatre nundi baitikochetappudu matram ..cinima bavundhi ani disuss cheskokunda janam matram undalekapothunnaru. nenu kuda local a.

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