Anudeep KV’s Pittagoda (2016) Movie Review


Starring Vishwadev, Punarnavi Bhupalem, K S Raju, Jabardasth Ramu, Srihan, Shiva Kumar RS.
Written & Directed by Anudeep KV
Screenplay & Produced by Ram Mohan P

Ideally a small project with no big names should have a refreshing content with some storming novelty that it forces the viewer to take a strong note as WOM only spreads post its release. Infact that’s the only way of making it big for indie films, particularly for the debutante directors and actors apart from the commercially viable content and having a hit track, Hence its always exciting to watch all the lesser known, small budget films looking for that refreshing content breaking the new barriers from the routine pattern. But sadly, a big disappointment is what they have to offer most of the times with all clichéd stuff, and irritating execution that ends up being a crappy output with unintentional humour.

Incidentally, the present Pittagoda is also one of those poor films made on the cliched coming of age concept of four pell-mell friends Tippu, Banner Nagaraju – Degree Gnaneswar – Buildup Venu. That’s when Tippu (Vishwadev) gets attracted by a girl Divya (Punarnavi Bupalem) whose family shifts from Karimnagar. To impress everyone these madcap Strikers group plans to organize a cricket tournament. When Divya is getting friendly with Tippu, he gets to know the surprising reason behind their sudden shift to Singareni Coalmines Colony. Due to which they stop the cricket tournament, which somehow unsettles Divya. The rest of the story is all about how the friends within themselves resolve their issues and continue on with their aspirations in life.

The film begins on a routine note reminding you of films like, ‘Rendu Jedala Seetha’, ‘Manchu Pallaki’, ‘Saroja’, ‘Goa’. But as it progresses it fails to follow any particular track and has very routine moments to offer through its all forced scenes till the finale. For instance where in the first half its tries to be a next door love story, there in the second half it tries to end as political thriller which looks forced. The characters keep vanishing in between without caring about the continuity factor and director uses new actors quite carelessly. Moreover, an interval just after 60 minutes puts you off completely and then the lazy screenplay continues post interval too without focus and unilateral vision. Totally a caricaturistic approach.

One wonders what refreshing approach is?

Well not trying to be a lecturer here, in my knowledge a film like Rendu Jedala Seeta or Manchu Pallaki tried to establish a connection with audience by focusing on the characters and the main story plot. Rather than making any kind of little progressions in copy shots from popular Tamil movies. When you are watching Pittagoda characters we just don’t feel any kind of connection just in case of Chiranjeevulu. Yes, im referencing to these old movies as the director and producer seen to be highly influenced by them and were looking to recreate them on screen. The times have changes even the very lamest viewer today can catch up on nuances of the characters and connect with them. So it’s better to not take them for a ride and give them the due respect.

Punarnavi Bhupalem from Uyyala Jammapala was natural during that film and even in her small role in Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju. She looked a bright prospect, but here in her chance to shine as an individual lead somehow she looked very dull at times juggling between looking an art heroine and a dreamy quintessential Telugu heroine. Well, this could be director’s fault or Punarnavi failed to understand the character brief. Vishwadev, K S Raju, Jabardasth Ramu, Srihan, Shiva Kumar RS and others were given a chance to shine, but they end up being an even more caricraturistic character than they appeared to be on paper. Intentions could be right from a story writers point of view but the execution needs a lot more finesse than what we were subjected to it on screen.

With a tacky editing and filler pastiche BGM by Kamalakar has one above average feature in its favor and that’s a well composed songs “Jarigene” and “Emaindo”.  Coming to cinematography by Udayii, he must understand there is difference between Youtube video resolution and a film resolution the cinematographer seems to have good knowledge in Youtube style of making, but his frame for the film look really amateurish.

Telugu cinema is no alien to Friendships and their disturbances between them. When you see Pittagoda the problem arises to the muddle vision of the director, who tries to deviate from the main point of value of life and friendship. But here it tries to bring in many more elements into the routine template without trying to establishing the point. The intimacy between the main lead actor and actress doesn’t look brassy but the political angle seems highly unacceptable and forced. Well if your point deals with your main leads achieving that the success they aspire. Then the screenplay just muddles around just boring you and bring in filmic twists and turns just like a lazily made 70’s film. All in all, small films does need encouragement but if they are flawed they are flawed. One cannot accept such a lazy attempt like Pittagoda, its better to stay away.

Survi Review: 1/5

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