Chuttalabbayi & Aatadukundam raa (2016) Movie Review

Survi Review Atadukundam Raa CHuttalabbayi

Survi Review Atadukundam Raa CHuttalabbayi

Chuttalabbayi & Aatadukundam raa (2016) Movie Review

Once a Critic Said,

To review a bad commercial entertainer, is one of the toughest things to review. Because there’s only so many times you can say, ‘that’s not entertaining”. No, I’m not using his words to excuse the short nature of this review, or because I’m fainéant. Those words pretty much sums up my entire experience with the tedious, exaggerated, irksome, pointless, terribly stupid ‘commercial entertainers’, Chuttalabbayi & Aatadukundam Raa.

Tollywood has always been associated with a fixed pattern or style for every genre film in the past decade, which includes family drama, action, devotional subjects, foreign drama themes, Family rivality, romantic drama, teenage themes and a few more. Both the films here follow the same tradition and follow the precise path for instant success…

Let’s start off with Chuttalabbayi

Chuttalabbayi starts off with a money recovery sequence, which precisely gives you a clear idea of its horrendous direction, meaningless rhyming dialogues, ordinary cinematography and subpar editing. Right in the start of the film you can witness many badly edited long sequences with unnecessary chase sequences, which should have been edited off in the very first cut only. And then there is the deliberate use of rhyming in its dialogues at regular intervals, which irritates throughout the film leaving you highly annoyed.

Actually the story has nothing to show as far as plotline is concerned even after 10 minutes into post intermission. The real story (if you can consider as storyline) about the Bommarillu father, unfolds in the last hour of the film and till then it can be easily called as collage of various scenes from different films (like Tere Naal Love Hogaya, Gudumba Shankar, Pandem Kodi, Alluda Mazaka, Ishq, Chennai Express, Jab We Met.. etc) which have nothing to do with its basic plot. The director vaguely tries to incorporate so many silly elements to attract masses and Pawan Kalyan fans (with few references), without even thinking that whether they really match the overall concept or not. For instance, Cars get stolen from various places and people just walk around (casually) to find their stolen vehicles, Aadi cuts the thumb (literally!!) of most egoist person of Hyderabad and he leaves rowdyism & gets ready to marry (rather going behind and attacking the person responsible), He even believes the words of Aadi later and tries to flirt Namita Pramod, Further the director goes on with many avoidable scenes such as the Chase with the policeman/goons, imitating as ghosts to make Prudhvi runaway, Breaking the over dramatic arranged marriage with a single hug with Namita Pramod and many more. In fact each of these sequences will make you wonder that who has written and edited this film in such a klutzy manner. The script keeps wandering from one film to another like a lost person, without any kind of persistence and then in the end finishes off things just like that.

Despite of the fact that Chuttalabbayi audio is composed by Thaman SS, Soundtrack is pretty ordinary with all below average songs (except for Chotisi Jindagi) and has a very icky BGM. In the performance section, Aadi is completely out of form and completely overacts throughout the film. Strangely, he looks fine in the song sequences. Traffic fame Namita Pramod tries her best as Kavya and looks fine in the traditional attire. But she has nothing much to offer in this film. Sai Kumar, Abhimanyu Singh, Posani Krishna Murali and rest of the cast are just there as the supporting cast and nothing else.

In short, Chuttalabbayi is slightly better film than Bhai (2013) and remains a complete meaningless product from Veerabadram that squanders all the potentials that a medium like cinema has to offer.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

Let’s move to Aatadukundam Raa now…

Aatadukundam Raa is based on the same seen before (Bindas, Baadshah, Aagadu, Kalisundam Raa, Mirchi, Allari Bullodu..etc) but still potent plot of a simple families coming together after a long while as their fathers (Anand & Murali Sharma) best friends turned enemies due to evil minded businessman Santharam. A rather safe plot chosen by the director G Nageswara Reddy (director of Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam), the film had a lot of scope for comedy through its typical crackpot characters and dialogues. But sadly that’s not what we have as a final product here since the film simply deals to be a terrible family drama in integrality that cannot be even watched on the Television.

Before moving into the review if one still wishes to know about the film then it’s simply nothing in terms of story-line, execution or performances to say the least. In-fact the above mentioned line is the best way to express the experience watching Aatadukundam Raa frankly, as in this too the viewer desperately keeps waiting for the story to begin in its complete 133 minutes of runtime. But the director is simply not interested in beginning his tale even till first half of the film and then decides to end exactly at the point where everyone predict it to end.

Aatadukundam Raa begins exactly like 80’s film with a voice over and narrating a reason behind the separation between two friends, the film steps on the wrong foot in the beginning itself, confusing the audience expecting some thing innovative as promoted. Next it keeps moving at a very lethargic pace with no proper characterizations, twists, fun sequences and romantic episodes to pull you in. Actually few scenes in the film force you to rate it as an immature attempt. For instance, to get his revenge Sushanth plans to get friendly with Brahmanandam with the help of Time Machine idea and faking every year (1960, 80 & 2050), He pens a fake Period action sequence on the top to stop Harsha from Buying Murali Sharma’s assets. Hence it has nothing which we haven’t seen before and that too presented quite terribly (with the help of Time Machine) by the director, who questionably uses such an overrated theme for his return after Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam.

Having a quite a poor script progression and a distasteful narration style, the film features an otherwise beautiful Sonam Bajwa in the lead, trying hard to deliver a note worthy performance in egotistical character and she is unconvincing throughout in the given role. Lipsika Uday voice over to Sonam Bajwa is magnetic and adds well to Sonam’s character. Akkineni Sushanth overacts in important sequences and shows ease in his dance moves. Cameos by Naga Chaitanya and Akkineni Akhil are wasted. Plus its really painful to see entire supporting cast acting as amateurs including Murali Sharma, Anand, Posani Krishna Murali, Sudha, Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu and the lesser known face Harsha. The dialogues are at times go terribly awry and there are quite a few times when you feel that it could have been done better with more solidity. Technically, the film doesn’t exhibit any excellence and almost everything is quite ordinary.

To be fair Aatadukundam Raa, all the hard-work that it has taken to make it to the screens do not really show. But that simply isn’t enough, and the story of clearing irreparable rift between two families, is plainly a big yawn.

Survi Review: 1/5

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