Rajasimha Tadinada’s Okka Ammayi Thappa (2016) Movie Review



Movie Review: Okka Ammayi Thappa
Starcast: Sundeep Kishan, Nithya Menen, Ali, Ravi Kishan, Prudhvi Raj, Ajay, Sapthagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh & Meesam Suresh
Director: Rajasimha
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu
Music Composer: Mickey J Meyer
Editor: Gautham Raju

Censor Certificate: U & Runtime: 134 Minutes

Beginning with honest confession, after going through silly, over the top and strictly avoidable experience called “Okka Ammayi Thappa”; it was really tough to find any energy to write upon the film in detail. But still I’m tried to do so… just to warn or save my readers here from wasting their precious time and money watching this film in theatres.

Whats the basic plot? Sundeep Kishan is more or less held hostage in a monster traffic jam in Hitech City. Apparently, a crazed Terrorist has been seeing his situation on the flyover and tries to make him complete his evil plan.

Lets start off with inspirational connections, “Okka Ammayi Thappa” takes the idea for traffic and bomb on the flyover from L’ingorgo (1979) & The Terror Live (2013), then clubs them with Phone Booth (2002) with a sniper calling the shots. Adding to it, the early unimpressive promos of the film had me in doubt as they clearly tried revealing the whole movie in a single 2 minute trailer.

In cinematic terms it’s a very amateurish kind of attempt made on the typical theme of “Terrorist Hostage” situation. And in its first few sequences it gives you a precise idea about how the subject is going to be tackled by the director in its later reels. So, the film maker is neither able to connect with the audience, right from its first frame nor it is capable enough in giving any kind of thrills.

In short, nothing works in this film having an extremely potent plot with a huge potential. The direction portrays it all in a cockamamie kind of lazy mode with an equally less energetic musical score having weak arrangements and the performances too fail to pick it up ever in the entire film’s duration. Here I would not only like to blame the writer and director completely as he dies come up with interesting points in few sequences. But its the execution of the twists which fail to impress the viewer throughout turning them into something flakey too at times. Cinematography gives you the feeling of watching something above routine. But the poor to mediocre songs act as a few more nails in the ready coffin visibly. Let’s conveniently leave the logics part aside.

In the acting department, it’s again a huge disappointment since no one is able to deliver something good mainly due to crummy script work. Sundeep Kishan looks tired in the whole film with his typical looks. Also I also found accomplished performer Nithya Menen feeling quite uncomfortable acting in such a drilling movie made in the name of romantic-thriller. Ali and Nalla Venu once again try to raise a few laughs with their USA Pellikoduku and Crazy Friend characterizations. Rests of the cast Ravi Kishan, Prudhvi Raj, Ajay, Sapthagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh are okay in their limited roles.

To sum things up, the cinematography is the only good factor of this hapless film but since one cannot spend both his time and money for this one craft alone. So simply skip “Okka Ammayi Thappa” and watch “The Terror Alive” or “Phone Booth” instead, if you really wish to see something decent.

Survi Review: 1/5

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