G Nageswara Rao’s Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam (2016) Movie Review



G Nageswara Rao’s Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam (2016) Movie Review

Movie Review: Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam
Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Raj Tarun, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hebah Patel, Rajendra Prasad and Sunil
Screenplay and Direction: G Nageswara Reddy
Produced by A K Entertainments
Cinematography by Siddharth
Music Composed by Sai Kartheek

Censor Certificate: U/A and Runtime: 129 Minutes

Hot on wheels of “Dynamite” (2015), Manchu Vishnu returns to big screen with yet another romantic drama, “Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam”. The trailer promised this film to be mainstream, making it clear that Manchu Vishnu & Raj Tarun are going to be the Centre of attraction in a typical mistaken identities and confused drama about two friends. Spoilt brat Arjun (Manchu Vishnu) who lives with his elder brother Aadi Narayana (Ravi Babu), meager father Narayana (Rajendra Prasad) and sister in law. Arjun always tries to stay away from responsibilities and work his time around his good for nothing friend Ashwin (Raj Tarun). At Kishore’s (Vennela Kishore) wedding event Arjun comes across beautiful Neelaveni (Sonarika Bhadoria) and instantly falls in love. But things turn around as Neelaveni want to marry someone who doesn’t not have a family like her, which Arjun over hears and creates web of lies to impress her and ends up marrying her. Things go out of hands as Neelaveni lands up in his house for rent and he brings in his best chum Ashwin to clear this obstacle as Neelaveni’s husband before his family. To add more to the story, Ashwin wants to get married with his longtime girlfriend Supriya (Hebah Patel) as her family won’t approve marriage to a wastrel like him, he poses to be son of Lawyer Narayana and gets married to Supriya. The rest of the story is how Arjun and Ashwin get out of situations they have created in effort to lure other characters into miss giving identities.

Acting in the character of bewarse, loafer, Idiot, Poramboku was a cakewalk for Vishnu Manchu. He still needs to work on comedy timing and improve his histrionics in the emotional sequence. Two heroines Sonarika Bhadoria and Hebah Patel look good and dance around well. Raj Tarun hams it up for most of the part. In the supporting cast Rajendra Prasad and Ravi Babu appear a little better than the rest. Abhimanyu Singh and Supreeth pass the muster as lead baddies.

Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam said to be official remake of Punjabi film Carry on Jatta (2012), which is inspired from Hindi film Kuchh to Gadbad Hai (2004), Housefull (2010) and Malayalam film Chakkikotha Chandran (1989). Director G Nageswara Rao fails to lend any refreshing treatment to the age old story of Carry on Jatta in Telugu. ERAR has that – already seen this kind – feeling right from the start. The script work by Nageswara Rao is devoid of appeal and the execution by the filmmaker is also dull and tiring.

The first half of the film plays out boring, starting off with a deliberately created comedy sequences, the movie clearly gives you an idea that it is not going to be what was being expected out of a remake film. And as the clock moves on you realize that this time G Nageswara Reddy has delivered one of the weakest films of his career.

Surprisingly, the film has got zilch before the interval except for beautiful locations in songs and glamorous looks of Sonarika Bhadoria. There is neither any story development in progress nor any well-defined characters on the screen as normally seen in the previous works of the director. Till interval the confused marriage drama is visible to viewers and one keeps wondering that where the hell will this movie heading towards. Besides this, when the real twist unfolds, it has no surprise element, since you have already guessed it, in the first half itself. Further, it was also quite hard to understand the difference in the lead character type (Rakam) as mentioned in the movie.

Post Interval, with the introduction of few more characters, the movie even slides down further mainly due to its disastrously weak writing. Dialogues in the film are contemporized stanzas and crude tries too hard to be comic, but falls flat at most of the instances and are repeated too often without much repeat value. Editing of the film is passable and the second half needs some trimming.

The soundtrack of the film by Sai Kartheek isn’t as effective as it could have been. Ko Ko Kodi Punju is a very catchy number and shot in a massy way. Apart from this, none of the other tracks are good enough to be etched in memory as stand-out of the film. So it’s safe to say they’ll probably be forgotten quite easily. ERAR has been shot quite impressively and Siddharth’s frames add a rich appeal to the film. Production Values of “A K Entertainments” are all righty.

If you aren’t bored by the remakes of some of those age old confusing comedies, here is an authorized remake, which is sure to bore you to death. Director G Nageswara Rao makes a rather pitiful adaptation of the 2012 Punjabi Hit Carry on Jatta, with Manchu Vishnu. This jerry-built version is a total disappointing and hardly reproduces the funny narrative, good performances and the making of the original. All in all, G Nageswara Rao sadly misses the target by large margin.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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