Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Movie Review

Batman Vs Superman Movie Review Survi India

Batman Vs Superman Movie Review Survi India

Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Movie Review


Director by Zack Snyder; Written by Chris Terrio, David S Goyer; Produced by Charles Roven & Deborah Snyder; Music by Hans Zimmer-Junkie XL; Cinematography by Larry Fong and Edited by David Brenner.

Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter…

Censor Certificate: UA and Runtime: 153 Minutes.

Well, I just saw one of the biggest insults to DC fan-base ever put on the big screen, and it was hilariously awful. Infact, I had a lot of fun with Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, way too much. Unintentionally.

It’s so obvious that this film is just desperate attempt to crawl across Marvel Universe, which is way ahead of them. The grim atmosphere in Nolan’s trilogy was actually genuine, neatly backed up by equal amounts of clammy subject-matter. But here, it’s farcical at best, employed only to coat the dim-witted unbelievably predictable plot. And being the most awaited Superhero film of the year, it ends up being a smashing Ramsay Brothers’s Purana Mandir free make, but don’t be mistaken, it’s just a kiddish version of Indian horror film. Where two hunks team up and try to kill an ogre with a powerful spear. BVS looked like it was written by a bunch of old people, who thought that comics were kids’ stuff, like they got their advice from Batman (1966), Superman (1987) and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003).

I do have to admit that Batman Vs Superman is a very stylishly made film, with loads of action, interesting background score and solid Wonder Woman introduction. But the execution of this film is equivalent to waving doll in front of baby’s face, it’s just tries to keep the kids attention that’s it.

There is even no proper follow up to Christopher Nolan’s Batman films with this high end CGI cartoon, with a ridiculous plot and characterizations. Be warned, people. This film is so narratively inept that nothing, and I mean nothing feels earned. It’s as if producers threw in few bunch of Justice League characters (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash & Cyborg) all over the room just because they knew that we had been waiting for the DC Superheroes to unite. But no, not this way. Not in this childish and hurried manner at catching up on competitor, please.

In the end, every character culminates into one rotten fight sequence. At this point of the film, Fans need something worthy to take back home from theatre. And so began my hunt for unintentional glee. It worked. While, everyone else inside the theatre was dragged in with the grim VFX showdown, I couldn’t stop chortling. My stomach was badly hurt. It’s because of a scene involving Amy Adams. Seriously, the more I think about BVS, the more unabashedly idiotic it becomes. Adding to that Lex Luthor is the most annoying part of the film and even though the character’s a little cartoon-ish, and looks inspired from Carrey’s The Riddler, Depp’s The Mad Hatter.

It’s crazy how with characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman in his armory, and the riches and resources of Warner Brothers at his disposal, Zack Snyder resorts to having the greatest superheroes of the film beating each other in one age old bathroom at one point. Batman Vs Superman is just stung together stories beats and dialogues from old DC stories, assembled by writer’s team who doesn’t seem to understand the appeal of the characters involved. The movie tried to unite three films without the director having any idea to how to link them. First we have post “Man of Steel” story and how “Superman doesn’t owe us anything and basically don’t understand humans” aka. Worst interpretation of the character. Then we have an old Batman, who likes to kill people and comes straight from Frank Miller’s wet dream. And finally there is Wonder Woman, who adds nothing in particular to this movie. And adding to that it’s never clear why Lex Luthor tries to manipulate Superman and Batman into killing Superman.

Admit it, MCU is so much better than DCEU in every prospect. Name one best DCEU Superhero? You can’t. Batman? Superman? One guy wears black costume and drives geeky vehicles, another is strong and can fly. Not a big deal. And Wonder Woman? She is not as upstanding as Black Widow or Jessica Jones. To further prove things, DC has casted Ryan Reynolds in terrible Green Lantern. Where as, Marvel casts him and what we get is Deadpool. Hell Yeah…!!

All in all, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is an over long, over stuffed, cacophonic display of meaningless CGI action, with a narrative so simple, it’s nothing in comparison to “Man Of Steel”.

Survi Rating: 1/5

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