Bellam Ramakrishna’s Drishya Kavyam (2016) Movie Review

Drushya Kavyam

Drushya Kavyam

Bellam Ramakrishna’s Drishya Kavyam (2016) Movie Review

Movie Review: Drishya Kavyam
Star Cast: Karthik, Kashmira Kulakarni, Prudhvi, Madhu Nandan, Chandu, Satyam Rajesh, Shanni and Ali; Directed by Bellam Rama Krishna Reddy; Produced by Bellam Sudha Reddy; Cinematography by Santhosh Shanamoni; Editing by V Nagi Reddy; Music Composed by “Pranam” Kamlakar.
Censor Certificate: UA & Runtime: 133.20 Minutes.

So many prosaic, boring, predictable, unidimensional horror movies are being churned out of Telugu film industry, that may be its time we should start dreading the aspect of watching one more such assembly line product more than the pathetic ghosts in the movie.

Drishya Kavyam looks deceivingly different from the beginning, but starts going down hill soon after. Akhil (Karthik) and Abhinaya (Kashmira) are college mates from KG Reddy Engineering College. He falls in love with Abhinaya. At this time, Abhinaya loses her parents in a tragic accident. Incident changes the calculations in their relationship, but thanks to Anvesh (Madhu Nandan) they get hitched. After 5 memorable years, Akhil gets an opportunity to work in Europe and strange things start happening in the house. And there is another twist in the tale as Anvesh leaves to Europe. Rest of the story is all about what happens in the highway and connection between the two supernatural entities.

Coming to performances, they range from average to weak with comedians Prudhvi, Chandu, Ali and Satyam Rajesh putting the best efforts playing their weakest possible characters.  Karthik drawls out his lines and while he has the saggy eyes and looks, he can never communicate the eery journey of his character. Madhu Nandan as a friend of Karthik, delivers a decent performance. Kashmira looks pretty, getting much lesser scope than the other two main characters. Child artist is fine in her role.

With extremely slowest possible pace, Drishya Kavyam never ever starts really. It keeps testing audience patience with slowest camera angles introducing you to the every character in depth (which includes the reckless sequences), but not the supernatural things. A very lazy and lame first half clearly gives you an idea that producer turned director Ramakrishna Reddy has tried to play around with his one line idea, wasting the both the hard earned money and valuable time of the hardcore genre fans. Moving to the second half the viewer doesn’t really feel excited anymore to see what happens next as it opens up with a parody by ghost busters Prudhvi and team. The over stretching and terrible sequences come as another torment for the viewer and one just want to leave the theatre as soon as possible to catch the updates of ongoing T20 World Cup instead. The story narration turns confusing without any clear conclusions in the end. And later the final ten minutes simply ruin it all leaving a quite a poor impact on the viewers and a line stating “No ‘end’ for feelings”.

This could have been a fine flick with an intelligent mix of spooky and funny stuffs, giving the viewers what they all wished for in the dark. But since we are struck in same outmoded formula of romance, comedy and songs package to be included even in a different genre film making it more commercially feasible. Hope upcoming independent makers make a note of it and break this silly pattern soon.

The musical score by Kamlakar is pretty weak and actually songs should not have been there in the first place. Even the background Music doesn’t transform you into a scary world, which happens to be one of the most important aspects of a supernatural film. Editing by V Nagi Reddy is so audacious that you don’t need technical knowledge to see it’s all going south in the film. The scenes crop up from no where and there is no absolute transition between the main sequences. A dark spooky film at-least needs a solid a cinematography push and Drishya Kavyam even disappoints the viewers by its mediocre cinematography with bad lighting. Production values of Pushyami film makers are alright.

I tried to be optimistic about Drishya Kavyam. Yeah, its opening in the dumping ground of mid-march; but maybe that’s just because a supernatural film about a happily family. After about 10 minutes into the film, my optimism was crushed as the hopes of anyone who takes friends to this low budget supernatural film will be. Unless they’re hoping to be bored foolishly for 133 minutes.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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