Harish Shankar’s Subramanyam For Sale (2015) Movie Review

Harish Shankar’s Subramanyam For Sale (2015) Movie Review


Opened: 24th September 2015
Movie Review: Subramanyam for Sale
Star Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, Adah Sharma, Suman Talwar, Rao Ramesh, Brahmanandam and Thagubothu Ramesh
Director: Harish Shankar
Screenplay: Ramesh Reddy, Satish Vegesna
Cinematography: Ram Prasad
Music Composer: Mickey J Meyer
Production: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Runtime: 154 Minutes; Censor Certificate: U/A

Subramanyam for Sale is a tale of family, love and responsibility, the story is about moneymaker Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej). He is the beloved son of (Naresh) and goes to any extent to earn few dollars to clear his debts. On the other hand, Seeta (Regina)’s father (Suman Talwar) wants to get her married to a relative much against her will. And she runs away from home, with the help of Biyyum Bucchi (Rao Ramesh). That’s when Subramanyam meets up with Seeta (Regina) and helps to get over her crisis in America. Soon after that Geeta (Tejeswini) forces Seeta to return back home for her marriage and she asks Subrahmanyam to feign as her husband and go to her place. That’s when Subrahmanyam pens to solve family problem of Seeta, instead he sees that there are more issues to be settled, thanks to NRI Rajashekahar (Naga Babu). In this situation, his life takes a forceful turn as Govind (Ajay) associates start following him. In these situations, one can easily predict the outcome, when the boy is smothered between two families.

The performance of the actor’s ingeminates the fact the story is a rehash of several commercial films that have come before. I know it’s a bit too early, but Sai Dharam Tej gets “Supreme Hero” tag line with this film. He delivered an energetic performance through SFS. He not only succeeds in impressing fans with his acting, dance moves, but also does a good job in imitating Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi, though sometimes things go overboard. It high time, he needs to work on his emotions in dramatic sequences. With a demanding role that requires her to look pretty and tough at the same time, Regina has a great challenge at her hands, but she manages it fine. And she looked damn pretty in “Naalo Em Jarigindo” song.  Tejaswini looked just about okay. Suman Talwar and Naga Babu have done a decent job. Rao Ramesh looked comfortable in an extended SVSC role with a pinch of vindictive emotions. Adah Sharma is mediocre in her extended cameo. Fish venkat and Brahmanandam have limited roles to play and they perform it fine as well. Ajay is wasted in a short role.

The basic plot of Subramanyam For Sale seems like a ragbag of elements from other commercial films like Brundavanam, Parugu, Yamadonga, Raam, Bavagaru Bagunnara, Bhale Donga, Mirapakaay – with slow pacing and a throwback to the 1990’s style of buildup. The characterization of Sai Dharam Tej goes over the top in one scene and get completely matured in the next. There has been a definite attempt to mould the film with all the necessary ingredients in the format of a conventional family drama’s to cater family audience. The script by Ramesh Reddy, Satish Vegesna goes on almost similar lines as Dil Raju’s family entertainer Brindavanam. Harish Shankar, who has directed couple of finely crafted films in the past seems have opted for a rather convenient short cut to success. Though he has not been able to do some smart repairs on Ramesh and Satish’s shacky script. The film is very low on logic, The final desire of Govind Goud’s father is to make Durga married to Java, Oracle, Dot Net Software, but Govind starts forcing Subramanyam (who is not even an engineer) to marry her; There is no proper reason why Subramanyam was bought by Govind for such an huge amount; Even after doing every possible work in USA Subramanyam fails to pay back Rs. 50Lakhs debt; etc. Here are the situations, characterizations and the performances all that look hokey to the hilt. It seems like there was a desperate attempt to give certain balance to the film, but they just didn’t know how to do it in a gripping way. The climax disappoints big time over here.

Music director Mickey J Meyer have created a good sound track while choreographers have succeeded in bringing out mediocre performances from the actors with some right moves. C Ram Prasad doubles the cinematic experience with his beautiful cinematography. Editing by Gautham Raju could have been lot better. Many portions needed trimming and a better editing style would have helped the pace in the film. Dialogues work in parts in the movie, especially lines like “Abbadaniki Thodu Kavali, Nijaki Needa Kuda AVasaram Ledu”, “Nenu Dabbu kosam Deegipotha Deegijariponu”, Paruvu Gurinchi Alochinchani Pilla eppudain Baruve, “Bottle Moyyali annipinche Baruvu, Mandhu thaagali anipinche baadyatha” etc stay with you for a while. The interval highway fight sequence is pretty promising. Production Values of “Sri Venkateswara Films” are good.

What is the safest way to score a box office hit in Telugu? Simple hire a decent star and get to remold some commercial mass formula – larger than life role, forced comedy, punchlines every now and then, some romantic numbers and at least 3 fight sequences … This magic formula works once again in Subramanyam for sale, a film strictly for fans. However if you’re looking forward to some meaningful and innovative entertainment, skip this one and you loose nothing. Overall, SFS is an old wine in a new bottle.

Survi Review: 2/5

2 thoughts on “Harish Shankar’s Subramanyam For Sale (2015) Movie Review

  1. first off all I am very big fan of ur reviews. I regularly following ur reviews. bcuz now a days I feel only ur reviews are genuine. but first time I disagree with u for subramanyam for sale movie review. normally if u gave 2 rating to any movie, its watchable. but sfs is not even eligible to 1 rating. I watch the film today. normally I only watch movies based on ur reviews. and as sfs, but its one of the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. begins from its ultra outdated story to its stupid taking and unlogical situations. all characters in the movie are useless, even main leads are not powerful we not even feel any emotions with them. frankly saying its silly when the emotional scenes came in the movie. at climax with single dialogue every one changes. for example when hero says “nannu pinni kodukuga angeekariste chaalu”, and when suman says to rao ramesh “ika nunchi nuvu ooriloke kadhu maa intloki kuda raavachhu”, even adasharma change after hero mistakenly introduced her to his friends. and what the fuck happened with the director, allready adasharma is leading lady in other films. he took her to the role who loved a AC repair man who is not even her age. I felt the movie totally gone wrong. the director want to make fun in every scene, like when kota died and ada sharma love failure and so many, but it miserably goes wrong. I dont want to talk about the performances, total casting wasted like suman garu. there is no choice to any character expect standing in the scene with out much dialogues. reginaas worst performance so far, and sai daram tej is irritate in buildup shots and imitating his family members. I wonder how u gave 2 rating to this movie, even u can’t give that much rating to other movies better than this. bcuz I said early I regularly follw ur reviews. and I am a fan for ur detailed explanation.

    1. Firstly, I cleared my point in the final lines of my review… “Subramanyam for sale, a film strictly for fans. However if you’re looking forward to some meaningful and innovative entertainment, skip this one and you loose nothing”. Coming to the rating point, I rated 0.5 more than what i would have rated for SFS.. 1. Music By Mickey J Meyer are good and BGM did major elevation scenes work. 2. Cinematography by C Ram Prasad be it low angle or traditional shots.. made visuals look grand 3. Both the lead actors gave their best for SFS, characterization is not their fault right. 4. Fan friendly script with enough mega dose 5. Some sensible punchlines worked 6. few Brahmanandam & Fish Venkat scenes in the 2nd half. Talking all this into consideration there were more than enough points to rate this film more than 1.5. Thappu director and script writers thesthe.. meegitha technicians and cast thappu ante ela bro.. and thanks for your valuable time and comment on my take. 🙂

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