A Sushanth Reddy’s Superstar Kidnap (2015) Movie Review

A Sushanth Reddy’s Superstar Kidnap (2015) Movie Review

Superstar Kidnap Move Review Survi Punnam Kaur Hot Shraddha Das

Cast : Nandu , Bhupal, Aadarsh, Vennela Kishore, Shraddha Das ,Tejaswini, Punam Kaur, Posani krishna Murali,Thagubothu Ramesh, Fish Venkat.
Director : A Sushanth Reddy
Producer : Chandu Penmatsha
Banner : Lucky Creations
Editor : Praveen Pudi

 Superstar Kidnap revolves around three youngsters. Jai (Adharsh Balakrishna) a drug addict, Bhoopal (Bhoopal) aspiring producer wanna produce a film with Mahesh Babu and Nandu (Nandoo) a love failure. Unfortunately, trio gets in trouble with local goon Raju (Fish Venkat) and they have to clear around Rs. 50 Lakhs in 10 days’ time. Due to which they conspires on getting settled in life by kidnapping a top actor, Superstar Mahesh Babu. But things turn around, when they settle down to kidnap the actor. Will they clear the pending amount with Raju? Did they succeed in kidnapping the Superstar? Whats Raju’s issue with the trio? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Coming to youngster’s performance in the film. Everyone has given their best effort for the film. Happy Days fame Adharsh Balakrishnan perfectly suited for his spoilt brat role. 100% Love fame Nandoo has given a decent performance. And Bhoopal is the one who steals the show from the male league with his powerful performance & Telangana dialect. Comedy by Vennela Kishore is good in parts. Shraddha Das looks good as Lady Farah Khan. She is impressive in her negative shaded character. Cameos by Manchu Manoj, Nani, Tanish and Allari Naresh are nicely handled by the director. These cameo parts are the best scenes of the film. Poonam Kaur is adequate in her glamorous role.

Superstar Kidnap directed by A Sushanth Reddy once again proves that many producers in the Telugu film industry still carry fancies of a huge success for kidnap based rom-com films. The success of a few Kidnap based films based on fiction has triggered off large scale production of these movies in Telugu.  Perhaps Sushanth Reddy has been influenced by the success of Dongaata starring Manchu Lakshmi and Adivi Sesh, which was critically acclaimed, but went on to become a break even product in Tollywood.

As of now the stories like Money, Run Raja Run, Tagore, Dongaata and Thotti Gang are the thing of past, and what we are seeing now is a blunt imitation of some fortunate kidnap based films.  A rough estimate would have reveal promising number (3 out of 7 films released this weekend have a Kidnap episode) of films made this year were Kidnap based films though many of them had to chomp the dust because of piteous content and idiotic narration. Superstar Kidnap is one more addition to the ever growing half boiled attempt in Tollywood. The story is fine as they revolve around Superstar Mahesh in a bright way. But there is very little substance in the screenplay of the film. Director Sushanth looks ill outfitted to make a commercially entertaining. Superstar Kidnap ends up as a continuous nuisance heaped on the miserable audience.

The film is nothing but an interesting plot loaded with some forced comedy and silly twists, not to forget the deathly pace of narration. Even logical point were left aside by the director how can a drug packet opened up itself in a swimming pool? How can a normal person get through regular checkings and reach Celebrity Caravan? How can they kidnap a star without anyone’s notice in the set? Also the animated chase sequence looked a bit dragged in the second half. Cinematography by Eeshwar is neat. He elevated middling songs through his picturization. Music composer Sai Karthik has given mediocre tunes for this film and the background Score was okay. Editing by Praveen Pudi is decent and he made sure the main sequence don’t lag much. Art work by Tirumala Rao deserves a special mention. Production Values of Lucky Creations are fine.

The artists and technicians linked with Superstar Kidnap were expected to offer something totally different from the usual clenched conventional films. But what you get to see is a movie that totally misses creativity. The film scripted and directed by Sushanth does not have any credence in the form of a plot or any interesting recital. On the whole, Watch Superstar Kidnap only if you don’t have any alternative work to do this weekend.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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