Akshat Ajay Sharma’s SIngham 123 (2015) Movie Review

Akshat Ajay Sharma’s SIngham 123 (2015) Movie Review

Singham 123 Movie Review Rating First On Net

Star cast: Sampoornesh Baby, Sanam Shetty, Annapurnamma, Prudhvi & Bhavani
Music Composer: Seshu KMR
Director: Akshat Ajay Sharma
Censor Certificate: UA
Runtime: 115 Minutes

Lingham (Bhavani) local goon, who prefers “Police Station Kadithe Kulchestha, Police Vaadu vasthe Kaalichestha” in Sigarayapatnam. Seeing this senario, Home Minister appoints Singham 123 (Sampoornesh Babu) as undercover cop in special undercover station. Later on its revealed that Father of Singham 123, Jangamm (Prudhvi) a sincere police officer was killed by the same goon. Singham, who is lookout for right opportunity to kill Lingham, gets attacked and thrown into well. By god’s grace Singham survives the attack and meets with his father in Africa (by swimming through the well). Taking this as an opportunity Jangamm trains his son with various arts. The rest of the story is story is all about how Singham 123 saved Singarayakonda people from merciless goon Lingham.

Sampoornesh Babu with his usual wit and humour is passable, but he still needs to work on his hamming. At this major point of his career, Sampoo needs to be careful in selecting the right scripts for his next film. Bangalore based girl Sanam Shetty fails to impress in her first Telugu film. Bhavani and Viva Harsha have not been able to make full justice to the roles only because of the faulty screenplay provided by Manchu Vishnu. Annapurnamma and Prudhvi are limited in their very short roles. There is nothing to write about other supporting artists.

Manchu Vishnu has already proved his mettle as an actor and producer. Now the actor-cum-producer tried his hand in writing the story and the screenplay of Singham 123. Unfortunately his first script fails to the core. Manchu Vishnu has done a poor job of providing a story and a structure to incorporate into the film, most probably the worst yet in the Telugu parody films. The narration of Singham 123 is a big yawn from the scene one. The film moves in snail pace in the entire first half and script goes awry in the second. Movie follows the same path of Sudigadu has a wide array of well-known properties riff-ons including: Vikramarkudu, Race Gurram, Legend, Gabbar Singh, Shivamani, Stalin, Simhadri and a horrible spoof on live-in relationship. Does the latest spoof entry make the smart use of this enjoyable stable of commercial films and deliver a hilarious parody with plenty of laughs? Unfortunately Singham 123 fails to live up to the even lowest standards for what can be considered as comedy, and by the end leaves you wondering if a truly entertaining parody film is even possible in Tollywood now.

Whats most laziest about the film is that its gags poke fun at the films that are so out dated now that they no longer worth mentioning in keeping up with present trend. Admittedly the team did work with the latest Race Gurram, Legend, Aagadu and even Kathi receive treatment that really is out of date by a few years now. As a big fan of comedy I often find myself laughing even at some really immature things; admittedly I even chuckled a few times at Lion, but Singham 123 resulted in a total of NO laughs for me whatsoever. Coming to other technical aspects, Music by Seshu KMR is okay. However, “Edho lo Maaya” duet is fine. Dialogues of the film offers every powerful dialogue in recent times, but nothing gels well with the script. Direction by Akshat Ajay Sharma is not upto the mark. Cinematography Satish Mutyala is worth mentioning. Some of the introduction shots and fight sequences are nicely shot. The spoof fights choreographed by P Satish are middling. One of the major assets of Singham 123 is its short runtime and makers did a favor to themselves by keeping it short less than 2 hours. The production values of 24 Frames Factory are good.

When you Google the word Parody a second definition of the word states, imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. It’s just a shame that those involved in Singham 123 clearly haven’t seen this.  If you want a film that scatters the faith you have in the Tollywood industry and insists promoting violence, meaning less messages, washed – up celebrities and supporting seducing super cop Sampoornesh then feel free to pay your valuable money to see Singham 123, but my tip is simply save your money as this film doesn’t deserve any audience. On the whole, throwing away some familiar faces and film references at us is simply not good enough if you can’t make us laugh.

Survi Review: 1/5

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