Satish Karthikeya’s Varadhi (2015) Movie Review

Varadhi Movie Rveiew Rating First On Net

 Star Cast: Kranthi, Sri Divya, Hemanth, Srinivas Reddy, Mahesh Kathi, Krishna Bhagwan and M S Narayana
Producer: P Vivekananda Varma
Director: Satish Karthikeya
Music Director: Vijay Gorthi

Varadhi is about Hemanth (Hemanth) who loves his class mate Aardhana (Sri Divya) from past three years of his Engineering life. In the final year of their Engineering Aardhana comes and proposes Hemanth. But things turn around, when Hemanth dies in an accident. After six years, Aardhana shifts to Hyderabad, and she comes across Vinay (Kranthi). Who enjoys frustrating, foiling & thwarting people around him. In a short time, Vinay gets attracted to Aaradhana and proposes her, but she rejects it and he comes across an accident. He gets really annoyed, after a near death experience, he suddenly finds himself the middleman between the living and the death. On leaving the hospital he is beleaguered by anxious ghosts whom only he can see and hear. Trailing him around, they badger him to take care of their unfinished business, only then can they happily disappear into the hereafter. And hence, Vinyak embarks on journey to help the lost souls fulfill their last wish. Does he manage to bring the wish of the dead to life? Amidst of all odds will he win his love Aaradhana back? forms the rest of the storyline.

Thankfully, Kranthi despite the dearth of punchy one-liners, he was capable of uttering to a coltish effect, holds your interest through out the film. Even Hemanth gives his best in a small role. Sri Divya plays her part well. Mahesh Kathi, M S Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan have nothing substantial written for them to perform. Srinivas Reddy is funny as the needy ghost.

Varadhi intended as a fun caper rather than creepfest, works only in parts because for most of its running time its fails to rise above the usual clenches of any film of this genre and isn’t as funny as it tries to be. Varadhi even inspired from the famous English movies Ghost Town (2008), Ghost (1990), Athma Bandam & Hum Tum Aur Ghost (2010). But unfortunately, it remains just another mediocre inspired film on an exciting subject which completely fails to impress the viewer from any angle.

The film shines bright with obtrusive cinematography and art direction. But musically its not capable of creating any ripples in the market. Vijay has delivered only routine soundtracks for the film. With a runtime of exactly 139 minutes, the film feels too long. Editor Karthik Srinivas could have applied his scissors movie sharply in the second half. The production values of “Cosmic Imaginations Productions” are fine.

The major problem with “Varadhi” is that its neither exuberantly funny nor emotively moving. Director even leaves out logics in the film; Ten minutes after Sri Divya proposes Hemanth in college, her father sends goons to kill him (hello!! Telepathy?); There is no reason showcased about why Krish was able to see the ghosts..etc. Following the successful Tollywood film makers, director Satish sticks to the tries and tested storytelling to impress the massy crowd. There are otiose songs between the lead pair and there’s fluffy sentimentality stretched too long. The romance is irksome because of weak characters and the comedy is forced. Content wise, the pre and post interval impact of the movie is same with nothing exceptional or worth enjoying happening on screen. All in all, Varadhi  is an missed opportunity though it packs few sporadic laughs.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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