Sripuram Kiran’s Ramleela (2015) Movie Review

Havish Ramleela Dasari Kiran Nanditha Raj Review

Star Cast: Havish, Abhijeet, Nanditha, Ali, Aksha, Saptagiri, Bhanu Chandar, Ali, Naagineedu and Indra
Director: Sripuram Kiran
Music: Chinna
Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
Censor Certificate: UA
Runtime: 125 Minutes

This film has a usual premise and it centers on its three protagonists throughout the film. Ram (Havish Koneru) is a drifter who is trying to win over every girl who comes across his life in Malaysia. “Ramleela” is also about software professional Krishna (Abhijeet) who falls in love in the first instance with Salsa trainer Sasya (Nanditha Raj). He returns to India and with the help of his parents successfully convinces Sasya’s family. In a short time, Sasya gets married to Krishna and they leave to Malaysia for their honeymoon. That’s where things fall apart and Krishna takes a single road journey to planned honeymoon spots with Ram. To know how these two characters came across? What happened to Sasya? Will Sasya & Krishna finally come together you have to see the film, least we reveal spoilers.

Of the actors, Koneru Havish looks so disinterested as an actor that our local Loksabha MP’s seem more interested in equivalence when they are in the parliament sessions. Life is Beautiful fame Abhijeet plays a cardboard role in the film and after closely looking at him all through the film; one could conclude his acting skills are highly questionable as it clearly misses the needed knack for work. A lot of focus is on Prema Katha Chithram fame Nanditha Raj who fails to embody a character that you would warm upto to. Bhanu Chander, Anita and Nagineedu provide okay support with their cameos. Ali (who runs at a speed of 140 Kmph around Malaysia) and Sapthagiri (Acts like a multiple personality disorder (A gay-chandramukhi-liver boy) are wasted in their delicate little parts. Madalasa Sharma sizzles in the item number and Aksha looks good in her short role.

It’s an age-old story of young hearts who battle against odds to become one. This is the similar theme we have seen in hundreds of films with similar storyline. The story is narration of one incident after another with none really making anysense or showing any remote co-relation between the characters. There is no effort to draw some sympathy towards the characters which is frustrating as both Havish and Abhijeet annoy you to the core. The dramatic script with some sloppy episodes which are starkly placed on intent and making no attempt to complement each other. Every story, every point, every comedy bit is so flat in this movie that you can’t even feel any emotion towards the characters. Comedians Ali, Sapthagiri are wasted to the core, with senseless characterizations. There is no cool part at any point and even at its 125 minutes runtime, you don’t feel infliction, rejoice, rue, romance or anything besides some cringe worthy moments. Direction by Sripuram Kiran is abrupt and unclear. I doubt the director had in his mind the correct picture what he intended to say through this film. His puddled up thoughts were visible on screen die meaningless episodes and lags all through the screenplay.

Coming to other technicalities, Music by Chinna is a letdown and lacks any hummable tracks which could have given movie a big lift, even background score of the film is too loud to bear. Director even failed to channel songs in perfect situations, the movie ducked under the needless tracks and diametrical changes in plotline. The camera work is sharp as the cinematographer S. Gopal Reddy captures Malaysia very well. This film is a sparkling example of some of the worst editing in recent times. Production values Ramadootha Creations are glossy.

Ramleela is a feature that has eighty percent of its run-time devoted to deadening, aggravating and entirely debilitating exposition, which in analytical terms is a feasible imbalance in content. The title in fact says it all. Right from the opening credits which are played out on screen in two discrete halves, we are left with no incertitude’s as to where this film is going. To sum it up Ramleela is an magnificent example of the kind of film you never want spend your money on.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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