Kanmani’s Beeruva (2015) Movie Review

Beeruva Movie Review Rating IFrst on Net Sundeep Kishen SUrabhi

Movie Review: Beeruva
Star Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi, Anisha Singh, Mukesh Rushi, Sapthagiri, Shankar
Director: Kanmani
Music Director: Thaman SS
Censor Certificate: UA
Runtime: 127 Minutes

Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) a happy go lucky guy, son of Industrialist Suriya Narayana (Naresh) falls in love in the first instance with Swathi (Surabhi). In a short time, they start liking each other. Suriya Narayana faces the loss of everything he loves, due to sudden issue in company. He meets up with Aadhi Kesav Rao (Mukesh Rushi) to get over the business issues. But things turn around when Suriya Narayana gets to know he is trying to kill his son. At the same time aspiring politician Ajay (Ajay) starts searching for Sanju. What are his issues with Sanju? Why was Aadhi Kesav Rao trying to kill Sanju? How did Sanju end up in Deepu’s (Anisha Singh) Beeruva? How Sanju fights for his love forms the rest of the storyline.

There isn’t much of a plot, nor is there any substance to this film. You obviously don’t expect something deep and interesting, but it should at least make sense right? It’s evidently tried to aim at the huge section of the audience that seems to enjoy these kind of popcorn entertainers. Seriously it’s pathetic that Tollywood actually has a genre where the audience is expected to leave their brains at home. One of Baaruva’s major flaws is that there are just too many genres going on at once. Like other Kanmani films, there’s romance, sentiment, action and more but it just doesn’t work this time around. Instead the film starts to drag on and on and you wonder why you waste your money to watch it. It’s unrealistic how characters suddenly realize their faults and change. Actually its just stupid. Don’t get me wrong though, the film does make you laugh here and there but most of the jokes are overdone until the point where it just gets drilling.

One of the good things about this film is Thaman SS music and the picturization of the songs. If it weren’t for the lovely costumes and tunes, I think I may have fallen into sleep (like my friend did!)Still the songs seem kind of Random and could definitely have been placed so that they flow well with the rest of the movie. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is fabulous. He literally pulled few scenes with his effects and shots. Editing Gautham Raju is not upto the mark. The 127 minutes look like a lifetime for the audience in the theatres. Dialogues of the film are mediocre. The production values of the Anandi Arts & Usha Kiron Movies are good.

The performances in the film aren’t too great either. Sundeep Kishan is strictly alright. There isn’t anything special about his performance, but there isn’t anything bad either. Usually he’s a scene stealer, but this time neither his character nor his performance is appealing. Debutant Surabhi is good in certain areas. Anisha Singh is nothing special, her character was weak and at times she seems so phony that you don’t even bother watching her anymore. Mukesh Rushi is his wacky self. The movie belongs to Sr. Naresh. He pulls off his character with complete ease making him look the most believable from the rest of the actors. Sapthagiri & Shankar failed to tickle our funny bones. The rest of the characters Ajay, Anita Choudary, Chalapathi Rao are fine in their very limited roles.

So after all that hype and anticipation, Beeruva turns out to be a disappointment because of its sappy plot and otiose proceedings. There are too many mars that you can’t ignore. The movie is shot well, the camera work is good – there are some well executed scenes, but when you have blemished formula in your hands then no matter what the chef does his dish will end up disappointing the athirst audience. Overall, Beeruva is one film you’d be better off not seeing in the theatres. For this so called fun ride, it’s all thumbs down. The film moves slowly and it’s hardly funny. You’ll be better if you miss this one!

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