Nandhyala Ravi’s Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki (2014) Movie Review

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Star Cast: Avika Gor, Naga Shaurya, Rao Ramesh, Venu, Sapthagiri, Senior Naresh, Pragathi, Vidya Rao, vennala Kishore and Satyam Rajesh
Music Director: K M Radha Krishna
Director: Nandyala Ravi
Producer: Giridhar Mamidipally
Runtime: 151 Minutes

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki revolves around a happy-go-lucky guy, Sai (Naga Shourya), son of Senior Naresh and Pragathi. As luck would have it, he meets Lakshmi Anand (Avika Gor) and falls in love with her. Sarvesh Anand Rao (Rao Ramesh) is an orthodox freak and who enforces a strict rules to follow for all the family. In a short time, Lakshmi Anand gets engaged to software professional with the parent’s approval. Due to a letter, Lakshmi leaves to a rural place, and finds the truth about her father. In the journey, she gets attracted to Sai. Will she propose her love to Sai? How will Sai convince Anand Rao about the marriage, does she continue to keep her trip secret and in the process, how Anand Rao gets the clarity about her daughter’s love forms the rest of the storyline.

 Quality of acting is above average. Naga Shaurya, looks just the same and acts just the same as in his previous films. Avika Gor is very limited in the title role. She has a very good screen presence but needs to work on her acting skills. The lead pair chemistry is missing here. Rao Ramesh does a decent job as father of Avika Gor. Sapthagiri, Venu, Vennela Kishore and Vidya Rao are okay in their restricted comic supporting roles. Raj Tarun voice over is good. Senior Naresh and Pragathi are fine in small roles. Satyam Rajesh was totally wasted in a small role.

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki doesn’t deliver what it promises to. The film is just set against the backdrop of Bommarillu, Oosaravelli, Ganesh, Arjun etc. Although the film is a love story, the romantic tracks are not moving. Because of this, the audience doesn’t root for the lovers to unite and they also don’t feel sorry when someone dies. The screenplay by Nandyala Ravi himself is far from convincing. The very prospect of watching two young and promising people from non-adaptive families is depressing, more so because the other entertaining portions in the romantic drama aren’t as enjoyable as they should have been. Also, a lot what the director probably wanted to convey has not come on the screen, perhaps, because it has remained in his mind. Because of this script looks less adhesive than what it should have been.

Also, Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki is slow paced throughout and therefore tends to get a little boring to sit through. The movie is entertaining in parts thanks to Vennela Kishore and Sapthagiri. If the romance fails to touch the heart, it is the scattered screenplay which is to blame. Likewise, the parents changing in the end looks rather queer because audience doesn’t expect the same emotions. Debutant director attempt is okay with the weak script, there wasn’t much he could do.

Music director K M Radha Krishna is alright but needed to be far better. Background score of the film gives you the déjà vu of Radha Krishna’s previous works. Director could have supported the musician with good situations, as songs turn out to be speed breakers to the already snail paced narration. Camera work by Sai Sriram is of a good standard. The locals’ are nicely utilized by the cameraman. The major minus of the film is editing (by Ramanjunelu). The transition between the scenes is not perfectly done and important scenes are just ended abruptly. The two fight sequences in the film are middling. Production Values of the film by Giridhar Production House are fine.

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki has its own ups and downs like the stock market.. The first half of the film is passable, but in things go awry in the second half. Although the film is about a young girl and her boyfriend, romance is as good as missing from the film. Even drama does not ring very true because of the poor script. On the whole, Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki neither has the warmth and emotions of a youthful love story nor the entertainment value and music of a romantic entertainer.

Survi Review: 2/5

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