Arun Dasyam’s Vundile Manchi Kalam Mundu Munduna (2014) Movie Review

Vundile Manchi Kalam Mundu Munduna Review Rating Avanthika Mohan

Star-cast: Sudhakar, Avanthika Mohan, Radhika Sarathkumar, Neethika, Karthika and Senior Ramesh
Music Director: Ram Narayan
Director: Arun Dasyam
Cinematographer: Eeshwar
Runtime: 120 Minutes

Aspiring hockey player Dhana (Karthik) and Jazz player Raju (Sudhakar) are two best friends in Vishakapatnam. Dhana likes Pari (Nithika Choudary) and tries to impress her father by getting into Hockey National selections. In the meantime Childhood friend Ujju (Avanthika Mohan) meets Raju accidentally and he starts liking her from the first instance. Things were moving quite smoothly till Dhana’s father gets diseased while working at APTRANSCO and Pari – Ujju get marriage proposals from their parents. Will Dhana and Karthik reach their goals? Do they marry the loved ones? What inspires them to lead the way in their life forms rest of the storyline.

Sudhakar is at ease in the role of a good hearted massy youngster. He suited the role quite well. Aspiring hockey player Karthik has a major part to play in this film. He needs to work a bit on the histrionics. Avanthika Mohan is cute in a decent role and whereas Neethika was wasted in a limited role. Senior Naresh showcased his talent in a promising role of Karthik’s father. The got the best lines from the film. Veteran actress Radhika is confined to limited scenes. Didn’t know how director convinced her in such a role. Rest of the characters are supported the lead cast decently.

The story is outdated, the screenplay long-drawn in spite of a short running time of 148 minutes, the film stretches at a number of places and the motive unclear. Director Arun Dashyam, who was the Associate Director to Pravin Sri in Gayam 2, needs to go back and learn his basics. One look at the film and you can make out that he has no control over the script, or the actors or even the way the film has been executed. The scenes like hockey match – National selections and Drummer selection scenes play a huge part in movie, but they never were shot in a intensifying way. Narration of the film is boring most of the times.

A mediocre effort by the cinematographer and the editor also spoils the pace of the film. Maruti Mirajkar’s music is slightly better. Dialogues in the film are middling. Production values of the film Aam Aadmi Pictures are okay.

In short, the intentions may have been right (to bring the focus on the forgotten national sport hockey) and the subject might be socially important, but it’s the end result which really counts in front of the audience. And in this particular case the film is nothing more than a directionless clutter. Despite a decent premise, Vundile Manchi Kaalam Mundu Mundu Naa fails to realize its potential because the screenplay is often devised, often commodiousm and at times just hopelessly idealistic.

Survi Review: 1/5

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  1. This movie has a very positive vibration, each & everyone in the family can watch this movie together I liked the songs. I loved the acting of life is beautiful hero sudhakar and heroine Avanthikka & she looks stunning. All the best to all of them

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