Kumar Nagesndra’s Joru (2014) Movie Review

Joru Movie Review Sundeep Kishen Raashi Khanna


Star Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Raashi Khanna, Sushmaraj, Priya Banerjee, Shayaji Shinde, Ajay, Sapthagiri, Brahmanandam and Satyam Rajesh.
Director: Kumar Nagesndra
Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo
Camera: M R Palani Kumaar
Editor: S R Sekkhar

Sandeep (Sundeep Kishan) a happy go lucky guy from Vizag, picks up a fight with local goon leader Bhavani (Ajay). In the meantime, Anu (Raashi Khanna) returns from America to meet his father Sadasivam (Shayaji Shinde) after 18 long years. In her way home from Hyderabad to Vizag, Sandeep meets up with Anu and saves her from the sudden murder attempt. In this attempt Anu gets to know about Paramashivam and Bhavani turns out to be son of Sadasivam. Who is Paramashivam? How will Sandeep keep check point to the attackers? How is PK (Brahmanandam) related to these issues? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Sundeep Kishen is ever ready to play such roles, comedy being his forte. He does his part well. Raashi Khanna is sweet and stands out a little from the rest because of the earnestness with which she plays her character. Priya Banerjee looks pretty, but sadly has nothing much to do. Sushmaraj is good looking but Joru is not really a test of her acting skills. Sapthagiri overacts in his parody scenes and literally frustrates audience as scenes don’t allow him to excel. Ajay is limited as a baddie. Rest of the characters including Balayya, Annapurnamma, Prudhvi Raj supported the main league decently.

Joru starts off so well that it increases the average expectations that you  have from the movie But about an half an hour into it, it falls so badly, you wonder if the first half an hour and the last thirty minutes were directed by same person. Post interval, there is no left or right, the movie drags and eventually halts at a dead end. The first half of the film is tolerable, but the second half goes haywire. The biggest obstacle in Joru is its dated approach. The entire idea is highly jaded and done to death in the past. Filmmaker Kumar Nagendra falters completely in creating a major conflict or reason for everything. Owing to which director gets inspired from Ready and spoils the dish completely. Even you don’t feel for any character in the film. And the perky music also helps in navigating the “bedlam” in the movie a little further. The music is by Bheems and he provides a couple of hummable tracks. Cinematography of the film is neat, but he should have limited over usage of close-up and slo-mo shots in the films. The editing of the film is choppy and transition from one scene to another is very abrupt. A little trimming down could have sustained the pace. The production values of Sri Keerthi Creations are fine.

Joru claiming itself to be a rom-com, the film neither executes the romance properly or has even a slight dash of comedy in it. Whatever the barmy gigs that the characters try doing on screen doesn’t translate funny enough to the audience as a result of which one sits through the agonizing film, thinking as a punishment. On the whole, Joru could have worked well with the masses if it was released in the 90’s era. In the present times thanks to the many films one has seen in similar genre, fails to thrill.

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