Harinath’s Lovers (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Nanditha Raj, Chandini, Shamili, Tejaswi, Sapthagiri, Ahuthi Prasad and Anita Choudary
Music Director: JB
Director: Harinath
Censor Certificate: UA
Runtime: 130.23 Minutes
It’s a love story about two contrasting characters. The story encircles around two, three characters only. Spectated, coquet boy Siddhu (Sumanth Ashwin) gets rejected by his teenage lovers Geeta (Tejaswi) and Soumya (Shamili) due to Chitra Balasubramanyam’s Sigmund Freud theory. By the time he reaches his engineering days, he is smitten by Chitra (Nanditha). He feels that he is an odd man out and not perfectly suitable for Chitra’s character. In the meantime, Suresh (Sai) falls in love with Chitra’s friend Soumya (Chandini). Now, their paths cross again, as Siddhu is trying to make things work between Suresh & Soumya. Fate again brings him into the same situation with the woman he hated the most. How Siddhu saves Soumya from breaking away from her true love and will he take revenge on Chitra for the wrong she has done forms the rest of the storyline.
Ashwin never really transformed as flirtatious Siddhu on screen. He makes sure you are aware that you are watching the one and only novice “Sumanth Ashwin”. You soon get tired of his perpetually queer expression. Nanditha Raj, may not have grown all that much as an actor from London Bridge. But she has grown camera friendly. Icecream fame Tejaswi Madivada and Shamili were fine in their very limited roles. Chandini is cute and adorable in a short role. One is not really sure where Sapthagiri fits into the scheme of things but his nonsensical dialogues are quite hilarious. Sai played his part well.
The storyline, by itself is quite wafer thin (is similar to Pora Povve), but it is the manner in which the director plots the journey of the protagonist from falling out of love with his teenage love and falling in love with the new woman who he hated most in his life, that makes it interesting, though unnecessarily perplexed, at times. But the film’s narrative is very fickle and spotty. Lovers starts off well, but as soon as the flaws in the script begin to unfold; it quickly turns into an over stretched bore. First time director Harinath, has potential but is let down by the poor script. Sample these – Nanditha always break lovers on a Fraud theory, but no one really explains why she hates LOVE. Sapthagiri who always kicks ass (seeing n listening about females), but he controls his emotions with five minute talk with Sriram regarding marriage. Not to mention, the whole idea of Nanditha realizing her lost love is never explained. What was the writer thinking? The songs in the film by JB are soothing but they are totally situation less. Cinematography by Joshi is neat, he seriously elevates every scene with his taking. Rerecording of the film is good. We also want to point out in particular how unflatteringly Nanditha has been shot. A couple of scenes could have easily been scissored in the first half. Had the film been about 20 minutes shorter, it could have been crisper and a bit interesting. The dialogues in the film are not upto the standards of Maruti Talkies films. The production values of the film are fine.
The movie is predictable and the plot simple Hero meets heroine, they fall in love, break up, reunite once again. Sounds straight out of almost every other Tollywood movie, doesn’t it. It’s disappointing just how boring this film gets by the time the end-credits come around, and one genuinely feels bad for the lead pair. Second half is okay, when compared to the first one… at least few scenes including Sapthagiri makes us laugh, though none of the scenes made any sense. But the things went haywire when things started getting sentimental. The movie could have been made much better than the current one, but the director in charge lost it at many places. So, overall Lovers doesn’t entirely disappoint, watch it for few funny Sapthagiri scenes and songs.

Survi Review: 2/5

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