Akki Viswanadha Reddy’s Adavi Kaachina Vennela (2014) Movie Review

Cast:  Arvind Krishna, Meenakshi Dixit and Pooja Ramachandran, Rishi,Vinodkumar, Suresh,Thagubothu Ramesh, Chithram Srinu, Pruthvi,Jogi Brothers,Praveen,Kallu Krishna Rao
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 138 Minutes
Director: Akki Viswanadha Reddy
Music Director: Dr. Josyabatla Sarma, Karthik Rodrigviz,
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh.
The story of Adavi Kachina Vennela is about Rajamahendra, One of the popular doctor of Chola’s age. When he used to cure the disease with the help of “Sutherma” (a diamond shaped object which can cure any disease). After his death many try to find the buried Sutherma (which Includes Mogals, Britishers..etc), but fail. After few centuries in a small village in Kadapa district. Aravind Krishna, who has an ability of finding metals through his bodys electromagnetic waves, starts searching for Sutherma all his life. Whenever he tries finding Sutherma, he ends up with metal pots and hidden treasures. He is married to a disloyal wife, but things make a huge turn around when his wife leaves him & father leaves away to pilgrimage. Vennela (Meenakshi Dixit), a National athlete falls into the trap of a highly influential businessman OMR (Vinod Kumar). He uses Vennela as a honey trap to use Aravind’s special talents to improve his mineral reach in Africa. Will OMR succeed in his plans? Will Vennela succeed in her plans? Did Aravind accept this huge offer forms rest of the storyline.
Aravind Krishna is adequate enough in a role he can do in his sleep now. He is a talented actor getting sadly type as a silly guy who makes an ass of himself over women. A badly sketched role doesn’t help him either as his role falls apart in the second half of the film. Meenakshi Dixit has loads of attitude and confidence but obviously acts in her performance scenes and still has some way to go as an actress. The chemistry between the main leads was missing here. What makes film more crumble even more is the mediocre acting. While Pooja Ravichandran is emotionless, Rushi shows no acting skills whatsoever. The surprisingly presence of Suresh and Vinod Kumar a decent add-on to the film.
Adavi Kaachina Vennela is anserine, spotty, not so exciting and way to long. Even watching Meenakshi Dixit around in a short skirts or sporty wear and short red dress cannot compensate for the film’s, overall lack of entertainment values. There is nothing much you could say about the storyline and the screenplay of the film. Since its clearly following the “logic to be damned and watch the film for its items” instead for its theme formula. But the film is dull, unfunny and lifeless and even the so called action sequences are highly unimaginative and even tacky, like the final blast to conclude the things and leave the rest of the things to its sequel. The narrative flow of the film is clearly unsure of what it wants to be. Director Akki Viswanadha Reddy succeeds with dialogues and few shots involving Meenakshi Dixit. But he could have worked a bit more on the screenplay and taking of the film. Making things worse, there is no chemistry between the leads Rishi-Pooja, Meenakshi-Aravind, Vinod-Aravind. The result is a diabolical mess baring the odd meaningful dialogues, the occasional scenes or two and Cinematographer (Akki Vishwanadh) rising above the script act. Being a debutante, Akki Viswanadha Reddy tackles Cinematography, Action Episodes (Interval) and Dialogues in a good way. The music of the film is a big letdown both in terms of the songs as well as their lack lustre picturization. The background music is loud ad over loaded with the sound track being too cluttered. Also, the film needed to be edited more tightly. The less said about the so called look of the actors the better as the film is grossly over styled for the theme. Lyrics by Sirivennala Sitarama Sastry deserves a special mention. The production values of the promising.
It’s just the initial five minutes of the film that makes you think that you might be in an Adventure treat. However, as the story progresses, you begin to realize that Adavi Kaachina Vennela is a yawn inducing pathetic attempt. Director should have given more stress on the story, script and content of the movie to ensure its box office success. But ignoring these essential elements of cinema, he focuses more on the look and feel of the project. He surely has got the talent to deliver and may come up with a winner next time, but with “Adavi Kaachina Vennala” he can only expect the least.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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