Saravana Rajan’s Kulfi (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Jai, RJ Balaji, Swati Reddy , Sunny Leone
Direction: Saravana Rajan
Music: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Shiva, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editing: Praveen

Harish (Jai) is a medical representative and owns a cheap rate mobile. His friends force him to buy a costly one to attract the girls. But he could not shell out the huge sum and settles with new Korean mobile. Harish finds an iPhone in a teashop for which no one claims responsibility. Keeping it with him for few days becomes a nightmare. Few local gangs involved in duplicate medicine business chase him down. In the meantime he falls in love with call center worker Swathi (Swathi Reddy). How Harish deals the issue and proposes his love to Swathi concludes the story of Kulfi.
For Jai its just another innocent and humble boy character. Inspite of his limitations he has acquainted himself well. Telugu actress Swathi Reddy is more of an irritatingly shrewish lover which seems to be meant to be that way. Swathi is a good pair for Jai as always delivers a neat performance. RJ Balaji in the nominal roles is mixed bag. In few sequences his timing and lines evoke laughter but unending chatter might get into nerves of many. Arul Das is okay in his limited role. Kasthuri, Venkat Prabhu, Sai have got an important role but the weightage is not enough. Sai Prasad surprises with his cameo in the climax. Sunny Leone is sizzling in the item number, but song is not that Impressive.
Kulfi has a wafer thin storyline about a novice medical representative gets into trouble when he gets an Iphone that had been misplaced by someone else. Kulfi runs on the same lines of Pulivaal, but with a different point. Kulfi has a promising promo, but the screenplay & execution is a big letdown. Hardly there are entertaining and engaging parts in the story, due to poor dubbing quality. The script is mash up of the scenes that are far related to each other. For a multiple points in the film director has created multiple characters but he fails to utilize them. Director Sarvana Raja started his career as choreographer and ventured to film making is good in parts in his debut movie. The dubtant music directors Vivek & Mervin have done good job in their Background score, but songs could have been better. Gunde Enthagaa is frolicking number. Cinematography by Venkatesh is neat. Editor Praveen KL and NB Srikanth could have been crispier. First half looks a bit longer than expected. The production values of the film are fine.
First 1 hour of the film is wandering around without any particular point to convey and the story slightly moves before the interval point. Second half is fully focused and engaging, but still runs on the predictable lines. There are few logical mistakes like; why the two goons who follow jai disappear when he movies medicines? Why was Arul Dass completely out of scene when Jai was in serious trouble?. Kulfi is touted to be comedy thriller. But team has offered very few funny moments and thrilling sequences. On the whole, Kulfi is not bad film, but could have been much better, if it were made with more passion.

Survi Review: 2/5

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