P.Sunil Kumar Reddy’s Oka Criminal Premakatha (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Anil Kalyan,Manoj Nandam,Priyanka Pallavi,Manpreet Kaur,Divya
Director: P.Sunil Kumar Reddy
Music: Praveen Immadi
Producer: Yekkli Ravindra Babu
Censor Certificate: A
Runtime:123 Minutes
Watched at Sriramulu 70MM, Hyderabad

This movie is going to highlight the several incidents of crimes happening in the society. The story deals with the struggle of the protagonists in coming to terms with the devastating effects of childhood trauma. Seenu (Manoj Nandan) works at a video shop in a village. He falls in  love in the first instance with Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi). In very short time even Bindu starts liking him, but things falls apart when her father gets transferred to Vizag. From when she starts getting abused by a relative. In the meantime, Bindu internalize her anger and grief and suffer silently for sometime. The perpetrator (Satyanand) walks away happily. How will Bindu survive the abuse? Will Seenu help her in this issue? Who will punish the perpetrator forms the rest of the storyline.
Manoj Nandan (Oka Romantic Crime Katha Fame) is okay in his limited role compared to his previous films. Priyanka Pallavi character falls pretty easily to Manoj Nandan. In a role where she could have made an impression, she barely manages to display her acting skills. Moreover, the chemistry of the pair is colder than a bowl of ice cream. Satya Anand master looks fine. He could have rejected this kind of disgusting character, with no heart. Manpreet Kaur and Divya are okay in their characters. Rest of the characters failed to provide some notable performances.
Is it easy to make realistic message oriented film? Sunil Kuamr Reddy who became popular after the movie ‘Sontha Ooru’, ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’, ‘Gangaputrulu’ has directed movie, ‘O Criminal Prema Katha’ seem to have such a notion. No wonder, to his offering, Oka Criminal Premakatha is an amateurish message oriented film, where a child abuse issue is made in a lackadaisical manner. If you have watched Oka Romantic Crime Katha & Waiting for you, you could easily guess the culprit even before half time and then, wait for the climax where it will be proving your point. There has been a couple of films including Imtiaz Ali’s Highway that has been made in a similar premise. ORCK has a badly written script! P Sunil Kumar Reddy has made the film without using any imagination or passion. There is a sense of disinterest on the part of everyone involved in the making of this film, which could be evident from the rather very ordinary performances from the film’s cast. Dialogues in the film are loathful. for example; “Mee Mogallu eppudo Yuddam kelli nappude Raktham chustharu memu prathinella chustham”, “Thaagubothu na Kodukullaku enduku nana pillalu thaggina maikham lo pellam tho porali pillalu enduku kantaru nana” etc. Music by Praveen is below average. It is only through the Background Score, he has generated a some good tunes. Cinematography failed to provide the perfect mood to showcase the issue. But Movie certainly needed more editing from Archana Anand, especially n the first half and the mid second half. Costumes in the film are totally terrible. Production Values by Shravya Films are fine.
Its is very hard to put Oka Criminal Premakatha in one basket. Too confused to decide whether to call it a message oriented realistic film, or a crime thriller! either ways it suffers. Neither it has been a good message oriented nor a good romantic film. Explores too many themes to justify none in particular. In fact director could have focused upon the situations a person gets abused & how could one get out of this situation with an solution. That theme could have been treated in depth combined with some serious conclusion. Except for the climax with a message nothing works in the favour of this film. On the whole, In the name of message Oka Criminal Premakatha is a one sick movie with so many disgusting and horrible sequences to support it. An avoidable effort.
Survi Review: 0.5/5

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