Lankapalli Srinivas’s Poraa Pove (2014) Movie Review

Cast  : Karan, Soumya, Sundeepthi etc…
Produced : Virendra Reddy & Srinivas Bingamala
Music : Yajamaniya
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Censor Certificate:  U/A
Runtime: 138 Minutes
Poraa Pove deals around the youth and their love stories. It deals and explores the aspects of kinships, conflicts, teenage spirit, and a lesson that changes their life. Vikas (Kiran) and Chaitu (Soumya Kumar) join in engineering, who for the first time join in a co-education institute. Vikas and Chaitu fall in love instantly. Chaitu is very particular about her belongings and she hates second hands. In the short time their thralldom strengthens. As Chaitu gets to know about Vikas affairs with his friends, Chaitu breaks up with him.  Will Chaitu and Vikas pair up again? or they will be separated for ever? forms rest of the storyline. 
Most actors in the film are debutantes and they do what they haven been entrusted with, masking all superfluity with zeal. In the leads actors, Soumya Kumar looks presentable and acts pretty well, while the others prance around like fish thrown out in an aquarium. 
Director Srinivas falls in the category of a strictly okay, Poraa Pove starts off with a silly sequence that makes you want to grab the hard rests of your seat. You start to realize its not gonna be a fun ride for the next 138 minutes, but keep your hopes up with the thought that not at all things started bad were as awful as you had expected them to be. The story of the film is typical formula ridden. This is a script that is falling into pieces and there is nothing much you can do about it, except waiting for an ordeal to climax. There are obligatory pieces of what one called the Teenage entertainer, and makers refuse to move an inch further. The major scenes doesnt evoke laughter, and instead streached on and on untill you crack in disgust. Technicalities just tune in with the general mood of the film. At around one thirty eight minutes, it appeared to be an unbelievably lengthy film especially with the kind of story that it has to tell. The music is major asset of the film and visuals elevate the songs track. The bgm is nice. Dialogues in the film are casual. Editing of the film could have been crispier and the Cinematography is neat. Production values of the film are fine. 
Lankapalli Srinivas’s Poraa Pove is for the one who seeks just some teenage pj’s after an rigorous week. Poraa Pove movie is a typical teenage film in Tollywood. Director Lankapalli Srinivas has chosen a thin story line based on the confusion of the teenagers. Srinivas has concentrated more on bring the Teenage comedy with sms jokes and have focused only on the love life of the teenagers. Love – School Introductions – Rocket sequences – Unwanted comedy – Sudden love sequences – break ups just tests the audiences patience to the core. Few comedy scenes appears irrelevant like the one where Kushi (Ego Scene) is copied in the film and director shows his creativity by showing its DVD in the background of the scene. Yajamaniya music is the only saving grace for the audience. Poraa Pove is a bad film and it is just not  good enough worth an immediate rush to your nearest multiplex. To cut the things short, We need to accept the fact that films minus answerability will continue to be made, and that at least a few of us would get to see them on screen as well. And at the end of it all, you feel like shrieking out, enough. Please. 
Survi Review: 0.5/5

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