Anil Gurudu’s Aa Aiduguru (2014) Movie Review


Cast: Venkat, Kota Srinivas Rao, Babu Mohan, Posani Krishna Murali, DR. Kranti, Thanika Reddy, B.Kranti Reddy, KrishnaTeja, Sasikanth, Asmitha Sood

Director: Anil Gurudu
Music Director: Manthra Anand
Censor Certificate: U/A
Run Time: 147 Minutes
Altaf (Kranti), Siddhu (Tanishque), John (Kranthi Kumar) , Balaram (Shashi) and Krish (Krishna Teja) are five happy go lucky youngsters, get registered in NGF (Next Generation Force) accidently. Surprisingly the five get selected for the 15 weeks programme.  But things turn around when Thota Chakravarthy (Venkat) gets appointed as the head of NGF training facility. When he was in IPS training, Chakravarthy had a friend in his training called Raghuram (Vasu). Raghuram was of the opinion that young blood should be trained for better society. That’s when he gets into politics and turns as the Chief Minister of the state, gives a complete charge to Chakravarthy and start off NGF. With an idea to immunize them and send them back as responsible soldiers for the better society. The rest of the story is how did the five youngsters perform in the training? Will they turn their life around? How did the five friends protect Chief Minister from a murder attempt and bring Ex – Chief Minister to the book.
Venkat starts his second inngs with Aa Aiduguru, but this time you would feel the lack of zeal. He is all new with not a single acting bone in his well toned body, evokes sympathy when he tries to emote. Aadu Mogadu Ra Bujji starrer Ashmita Sood is good in parts. The audiences can’t see her act in the complete film. Her make up for the character is bad. The five Krishna Teja, Tanishque, Shasi, Kranthi and Kanthi are adequate in their roles. However there is no consistency in the dialect of their dialogues. Vasu as Chef Minister is fine. Posani Krishna Murali is Okay in his limited role. Naagineedu failed in his negative shaded character. Prem Kumar, Babu Mohan and Fish Venkat are unimpressive. Rest of the characters just make their presence felt.
The story of this film is wafer thin one. When you are coming up with such a small storyline it should be supported by tight script. But director-writer failed to provide an interesting screenplay to support his pilot point. Even the movie has slight intake from Malayalam Police Academy.
Written and directed by Anil Jason, his debut feature film shows a certain amount of promise but often falls into prey to easy commercial beats and an overall sentimentality when it should push for moments less evident, more rarefied, true and perceptive. When the film tries to lighten the mood is when it stumbles most badly. It feels hollow and forced when characters like doctor Pipula and his assistant treat NGF candidates with pipes is just ridiculous.
Anil’s script is thoroughly unconvincing and it lacks a definite focus. Like how come only limited candidate participate in initial selection (when its advertised in every available media)? How are the candidates selected? How come only 40 members batch is separated? How many times will Venkat provide Aiduguru an option to get into the NGF training? Why did the director and people against the mission target Aiduguru in the film? From when did Chief Minister’s daily schedule started to get published as a book? Even when Altaf says we are here kill the CM no one reacts to the situation and stop them.. Etc. Even as a director Anil hasn’t succeeded in packaging the movie in an interesting way either. P G Vinda visuals are really good, Manthra Anand music is mediocre and Background Score is too loud for a sensitive subject. Dialogues by Suddhala Ashokteja are very routine. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh should have been crispier. Production Values Prem Movies are grand.

No one seems to have taken the whole pilot project seriously here. With an amateurishly altered script, irritating dialogues, okay performances and lack of dedication, the film turns out to be a disaster. Aa Aiduguru is the kind of film it feels bad to say anything negative about, because it so obviously comes from a place of good intentions and sincere efforts. But good intentions on their own, do not make way for a hearty film.

Survi Review: 1/5

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