R.V.Subbu’s Prema Geema Janta Nai (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Sreeram Chandra, Barbie Handa, Jr. SVR, Naresh, Bhanu Chander, Chalapathi Rao, Dharmavarapu Subhramanyam, Goutham Raj, Kadhambari Kiran, Prudvi, Suman Shetti, Shiva Narayana, Fish Venkat, Ambati Srinu
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: T.Surendhar Reddy, Jagadeesh
Censor Certificate: A

Runtime: 139 Minutes

“Collector” Karthik (Mynampati Sreerama Chandra) from his childhood his grandfather dreams to see him as a collector. From his childhood Karthik has strong obsession to become a collector similarly Kaveri (Barbie Handa) has a goal to become an IAS. In their engineering life Kaveri challenges with her friends, she will make Karthik to love him. But instead Kaveri falls in love with Karthik and accidentally get married on Valentines Day. Due to misunderstanding on the first night, both stay apart and continue their studies. The rest of the story is whether they leave their love or goal for the new bond.
Frankly artist always knows his strengths and the work he is best at. To prove you in a different creative field led by other is just an unwanted trip for the ego and nothing else. As we see it, Sreerama Chandra who has already proved his mettle with his un-matchable singing talent to the world, is un-necessarily trying to make a mark in the acting department of movie making. Although he has improved in his newly discovered talent, but actually the transformation is not required at all in the first place. Sreeram Chandra is better than most of his contemporaries in the singing field so he should stick to the work he is best at. Barbie Handa (Cousin of Priyanka & Parineeti Chopra) is pretty in few acts, she should work on her histrionics. Jr SVR (Mr. 7 fame) looks foolish in his role of funny college senior. His track has no relation with the other happenings on the screen and seems to be deliberately added to bring some laughter. Sr. Naresh and Bhanu Chander are okay in their poorly developed characters. Dharmavarapu Subhramanyam, Sudha, Satya Krishna, Jayavani who normally always impresses in their small cameos, looks like overacting in few sequences. Sofiya is sizzling in the item number.
R V Subbu’s Prema Geema Jantha Nahi walks on a very thin and weak storyline which has nothing new or exciting to offer. A couple opts to stay apart and then later tries to get reunited with the help of another couple after reaching their goals.
A typical Tollywood love story, that we have seen uncountable times before. Really wasn’t expecting such a routine and tried before kind of plot from Sreeram Chandra who was supposed to come with a unique kind of storyline written around the college life. Though the movie successfully captures introduction of characters in a decent way, but the project as a whole, fails to generate enough interest for its viewers. Putting it differently, “Prema Geema Jantha” has got only one fresh and unique thing is its musical score by Mani Sharma. The story of the film goes on predicted lines and screenplay is dull. Even R V Subbu’s direction is not upto the mark.
The novel background of a college life – struggling to achieve goal – promising love story which remain interesting in the starting, but tends to go on old and dull content towards the end. Prema Geema Janta Nai could have been used in a more entertaining way as earlier seen in “Happy”. Director R V Subbu divides the whole script into two different chapters like two different films. Music by Mani Sharma remains main strength of Prema Geema Janta Nahi, but again too many songs coming at the places, where they are not needed at all starts irritating the viewer after a few initial entertaining moments. Moreover, I also found the audio of Prema Geema weaker than Mani Sharma’s previous musicals. Only two songs “Prema Geema Janta Nai & Papala Aduko” are able to make an impression rising up to his own set of standards in the past. Cinematography of the film by T.Surendhar Reddy, Jagadeesh is neat. Editor should have cut short the film by 20 odd minutes; movie totally drags in the second half. Dialogues in the film are okay. Costume designers Manisri, Ramakrishna K deserve a special mention as they were good on everyone. Movie made on low budget, Shubham creations production values are middling.
Love stories have always been the safest bet to introduce a new young couple in a Telugu film since ages. But now it’s really time, that the young ones plan something novel, unconventional and experimental as their debut film to showcase their raw talent. Which have something new to offer and is not just another routine, old wine in a new bottle kind of stuff inspired from many previous hits. Sreeram Chandra who debuted in Tollywood with Adi Shankaracharya, incidentally received a promising response from the critics for his performance. With the boosted confidence now actor returns on screen with a more shaky romantic entertainer “Prema Geema Janta Nahi”.  Prema Geema Janta Nahi a kind of film which you might feel okay watching on a DVD or a channel, but buying a ticket for it, spending your precious time & effort, simply needs to be avoided.
Final Message: Prema pudithundi thappuledu, Daniki PAUSE button untundi nokkandi.. CARRER plan chesi appudu mali PREMA ku play button nokkandi…. Life ni sagginchandi…!!
Survi Review: 1.5/5

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