Devakatta’s Autonagar Surya (2014) Movie

Movie starts in 1973 when Surya’s (Naga Chaitanya) parents gets killed by local goon. Autonagar becomes his hometown and he starts working in an Mechanic Shed and where he gets to learn about life and Automobiles. Surya gets into trouble when he commits an offence and due to that felony he gets punished to 5 years time in Jail. During his Jail tenture itself he completes his further studies and he pens a plan to make a automobile that works on battery. After his sentence in jail, he starts working at the same automobile shed in Autonagar area. The things turn around when he gets to know about the local mafia and their illegal business in Autonagar. “Manishi ante elane brathakali anni nirnayinchedi kadhu Vyavastha, Manishe Vyavastha” believing these words Surya goes against the corrupt politicians, goon and will he succeed in making Autonagar from the goons forms the rest of the story-line.
Naga Chaitanya enacted his role with a lots of ease. His image suits well for these kind of roles. But in this he should have taken a bit of care on his dialogue delivary and mannerisms. Samantha Ruth Prabhu is fine in her limited role. But her hairstyle, make up did not suit her. She was also not rightly captured by the cinematographer. Ajay is okay, but his body language didnt suit the role to the core. Sai Kumar is over dramatic as uncle of Naga Chaitanya. Comedy by Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Josh Ravi does not appeal. 100% fame Nandu is okay in his role. The rest of the roles are adequate.
Story line of Autonagar Surya is thin, he just made use of Fountain Head (lead character), Yevadu, Student No.1, Samanyudu etc for his screenplay. The backdrop for the story of the film is inspired from a National Daily headline. Movie has its own share of flaws in the logic department, and gaps in the story-line. Like Surya who runs around Mechanic Shed (from childhood times), completes his Automobile engineering in Jail – After Indra says Giri to make Surya suffer in Autonagar for rights, Surya easily reopens the shed and even completes working on Battery car – Unnecessary references that’s not from the 1989 timeline – The way Brahmanandam sells the first Gas cars without any instruction (As Surya gets into trouble for not having the documents). The first half of the film is a sort of middling, but not at all in a way that would invoke one’s reflex. Second half gets slower and lengthy with uneccesary songs. Each and every scene in the film denies to move at lead a bit ahead. Direction of Devakatta is okay in parts, he could not get the scenes stitched in a smooth way, Philosophy was rightly placed in the film. The dialogues are major asset of the film, which try to carry the film. What hurts more is Devakatta too fell into filmy film making. In his previous movies he balanced filmy things with the script, however in Autonagar Surya he brings inn forced comedy scenes, songs to make it look commercial.The traditional comedians fails to tickle the funny bones and there was not even one laugh out loud moment in the film. Beyond everything else, what makes you love about the film are Cinematography and the background score of Anup Rubens supporting it. The songs are situation less and more like speed-breakers to this slow narrated flick. In the non – song parts, everything was old wine in new bottle with a massy background. Gowtham Raju (Editor) could have easily cut short the film by thirty odd minutes. Fights in the film are very routine, never really elevates the emotions. Visual Effects in the film are second graded. Production Values of the film are rich.
Autonagar Surya has a decent point to convey, snail paced execution and weaker screenplay have been the cause for the negative payoff of the film. Positives of the film are Cinematography, Background Score and Dialogues. On the flip side its Snail paced narration, Screenplay, Situation-less Songs, forced comedy and Editing. Director Devakatta faces the same problem what he faced while Prasthanam, he should consider re-editing the flick to increase the effect of the film. One the whole, Audience don’t need to run to the theater to watch the film, but do watch it once its out on hoe=me edition for the powerful dialogues.
Survi Review: 1.5/5
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