Shashank’s Bachchan (2014) Movie Review

Cast : Sudeep, Jagapati Babu, Bhavana, Parul Yadav,
Director: Shashank,
Music Director: V. Harikrishna,
Producer: Rama Satyanarayana
Censor Certificate: UA
Run-time: 139 Minutes
Story: Bharat (Kichha Sudeep) murders a police officer (Ashish Vidyarthi) and a doctor (Nasser) and gets arrested while making his escape. Vijay Kumar (Jagapathi babu) plays an investigating offer. Bharat recites why he killed these two. Bharat is a kind hearted businessman, who is the MD of the Bharat Property Solutions in Bangalore. But Bharat is troubled by Police Officer and Doctor who are flakey to the hilt. Its all comes to a ghastly end as Bharat’s fiancée immolates herself after being piqued by the police officer that Bharat is cheating on her. Post Interval, the story turns upside down with couple of new versions of what really happed with Bharat in the first half. Eventually it turns out that Bharat is out on an revenge mission and Vijay finds out the truth behind the mystery murders. But is it really truth? Is Anjali (Parul Yadav) the real girl friend of Bharat? What is Ashwini (Bhavana)’s role? Answers to these questions are answered in the film’s second half.
Performances: The performances are good. “Abhinaya Chakravarthy” Kichha Sudeep is splendid as an Angry Young and Kindhearted Businessman in the film. He carries his complicated role with utter ease. He manages to rise over the script in most of the junctures. Jagapathi Babu looks middling in his role. A better dubbing could have elevated his character. Parul Yadav is good until she starts taking things seriously. Its tough to keep your eyes away from Tulip Joshi and Bhavana is fine in her role, with great scope for histrionics. Bullet Prakash is funny at times. Nasser and Ashish Vidyarthi provide some interesting performances. Pradeep Rawat and Bammali Ravi Shankar are limited to small roles.  “Jai Ho!” fame Daisy Shaw is red-hot in the item number.
Technicalities: The story of Bachchan is very thin has few inspirations from Khaleja and few tamil films. The first half of the film is never ending, but towards the second half its slightly gets interesting. Elevating fake schizophrenia is fine, but what unfolds in the film with poor translation of dialogues is probably equivalent to a second degree torture. Its painfully drags in the first half, the performances although lovely, outshines revenge drama, you no more care about the first half. The stretched characters of Pradeep Rawat and Ravi Shankar get monotonous towards the end. Post 30 minutes into the second half, you desperately look for end credits to roll. Yes, its that’s badly handled by the Telugu makers be it dubbing or dialogue translations. Director Sashank after sentimental films like Moggina Manasu, Krishnan Love Story and Jarasandha returns with a promising revenge drama. The first half of the film is major drawback when compared to the way he handles the second half. The runtime of the film is nearly 140 minutes most of the scenes in the first half can be easily chopped off. Dialogues in the film are irritating for example. When CCB Jagapathi Babu asks “Even Psychiatrist was associated with you as he approved his fake love story”. Parul in reply says, “NO. Its Bachchan who made him believe as he knows YOGA”. There is no meaning in the sentence as yoga never helps in conning a Psychiatrist post several tests. Music of the film by V Harikrishna is average, Situation less spacing of the songs makes them not even worth mentioning. The background of the film is too loud. The cinematography of the film by Shekar Chandra is major asset of the film. Newtonlaws are damned with the fights in the film. The VFX in the film are second rate. The production values of the film are hunky-dory.
Analysis: A bad dubbing can ruin even the greatest content. In Bachchan its bad translation, bad dubbing, and poor quality control that hurt the quality of the film. Even with interesting premise in the second half, one gets easily distracted by the lead characters voice over, which end up with an inane meaning. None of the voices seemed to have fit their characters and it was an overall disappointment. On the whole, not all dubs are bad. But post XYZ (2013), we have never come across a dub as terrible as Bachchan.

Survi Review: 1.5/5 

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