Ravi Chavali’s Pyaar Mein Padipoya (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Aadi, Shanvi, Aali, Kasi Vishwanath, Duvvasi Mohan, Prithvi, Gururaj, Satyakrishna, Sandhya Janak, Madhu, Narasimha, etc.
Music: Anoop Rubens
Cinematography: T Surendra Reddy
Editor: K V Krishna Reddy
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 148 Minutes
Watched at Cinemax, Banjarahills.
A happy go lucky guy Chandra (Aadi) falls in love in the first instance with Yuktha (Shanvi Srivasthava). Chandra to get close with Yuktha plans to compose an audio. Chandra and gand start up a group called Crazy. That’s when they meets up Bobby (Vennala Kishore) a recording company owner, but things fall apart when Chandra realizes the truth behind Bobby’s acceptance. In the meanwhile, Yuktha with the help of her father gets the deal from Aditya Music. That’s when Chadra comes across Yuktha’s childhood issue with Chinna. Who is Chinna? What does out hero do to solve the issue? Will Crazy team complete the audio? Will Chandra propose his love to Yutha forms the premise of the story.
Aadi scores as Chandra, his body language and dialogue delivery is in sync with the character, but he needs to need work on his styling and dialogue delivery. Shanvi Srivasthava looks beautiful, fresh and innocent and brings across the delicacy of the character she plays on screen well. The chemistry between the lead couple is missing as it was in Lovely film due too poor characterizations scripted by director. Comedy in the film looked forced but the way Sapthagiri character is utilized is fun as Artist Hussain Varma. Rest of the comedians Vennala Kishore, Prudivi and Thagubothu Ramesh failed to tickle your funny bones. Aadi’s gang performance is neat. Vishnu Priya is okay in her role. Kasi Vishwanath is wasted in small role.
Coming to the story of Pyaar Mein Padipoyanu is nothing new and we have seen and appreciated it right from Aashiqui days. Pyaar Mein Padipoyya is a bit overly cooked for our audiences. It is the presentation that Director should have taken care of. The slow romance between the lead and Comedy works in parts in the first half. How ever the film loosens its grip post interval with a staid and prolonged climax. The dialogues are crisply written. The movie is around 148 Minutes moves at a slow pace mainly due to K V Krishna Reddy editing. Editor could have easily cut short the film by 20 odd minutes. Songs by Anup Rubens are good, Pyaar Mein Padipoyya track is effective on screen. The “Roja” hum in the film stays with you till the end. The back ground score of the film is a bit loud for a romantic entertainer. Cinematography by T Surrender Reddy is neat. The foreign locales look good in the songs. Production Values of the film by Sri Sathya Sai Creations is fine.
Reputed director Ravi Chavali in his comeback film seems to have lost touch of a commercial cinema. The first part is what makes it bearable, as the pace slackens in the second half due to many predictable twists which makes it long and unbearable. There is not even a single scene that is different or original. A tight screenplay and good story is what is lacking in this Pyaar Mein Padipoyane film. Overall, the music sure was soothing, but the writing and execution fall way short of expectations. Cinematography, Shanvi’s performance and music are the only saving graces of this very disappointing film. We certainly expected better, much better. Watch it, if you have nothing to do this weekend.
Survi Review: 1.5/5

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