Prashanth Mandava’s Prathinidhi (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Nara Rohit, Shubra Aiyappa, KotaSrinivasa Rao, Ranganath, Giribabu & JP.
Director: Prashanth Mandava
Music Director: Sai Karthik
Watched at Prasads, Hyderabad.
“Porade vadu Yodudu ayithe Yuddam antaru, adhe Pourudu ayithe Prathinidhi.” – this message that rolls out in the opening credits forms the core philosophy in Prashanth Mandava’s narrative that sketches the lives of five individuals with the backdrop of Old Age home in Hyderabad.
In the opening scene we can see that a common man kidnaps Sambashiva Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao) in a private old age home event in Hyderabad. News goes viral and everyone from Local to Central cabinet starts taking the issue personally. Home Minister (Jayaprakash) appoints commissioner Anjana (Posani Krishna Murali) to handle this sensitive issue. Srikar (Vishnuvardan) gets captured by the cops and starts narrating his relationship with Sunaina (Shubra) and Manchi Srinu (Nara Rohit). But Srikar confuses everyone with the oxing story about his new love and friendship. In the meantime, Common Man demands to demolish the running currency and replace them with new ones. After some time he comes with another demand and creates ripples in the youth. Who is Common Man? Whats his problem with the government and Who is Manchi Srinu.
Casting of the film is fine with each of the actor giving their hearts out to refine their characters. Nara Rohit is good in his role, but looked little fat in this film. His voice is improved a lot and he dominated in all departments. He should work a bit on his mannerisms. Shubra Aiyappa is not a heroine material and she is limited in her role. Kota Srinivasa Rao is apt for the role. He provided some punch lines in the second half. Home Minister Jaya Prakash provided a lil fun with his dialect in the first half. Prema Ishq Kaadal fame Vishnuvardhan is like a second hero in the film and done well despite of a dumb characterization. Posani Krishna Murali has wonderful quality of getting his scenes work despite of his directors ability to extract the comedy angle. Ranganath is okay. Rest of the characters supported the lead cast in  a decent way.
The story has similarities to Tagore in the first half but the story has different complexion in the second half. Prashanth Mandava dealt the first half with concept and dragging love episodes. In the second half Prashanth Mandava maintained a decent grip over concept and threaded through scenes that are unnecessarily inserted to showcase the black money and fake currency issues. Direction of the film is average. You will find this film interesting not only for its decent concepts, but also for the dialogues. Dialogues by Anand Ravi deserve a special appreciation for his quotes and lines on the society. “Swardaparululanu paripalinchali ante valakanna parama swardaparude kavali” is the best of the few lines. Music by Sai Karthik is middling. Background music is apt and lifted few scenes with his music. Editing in the film is sharp though the love scenes sounded a little lagging. Cinematography of the film is mediocre. Production values of the film are poor. A poor quality of filming is visible in every scene.
In a political season after disastrous Pratighatna, Prabhanjanam, Tollywood is back to finer political movie with Prathinidhi. A movie talks about issues with façade of sense, Dialogue writer Anand Ravi and his actor Nara Rohit complement each other with some decent performances in their departments, creating a less common experience of a movie that really lives up to the hype surrounding. On the whole, Prathinidhi is a different from a debutant director which has a sense of glister, all over it. With a proper promotion, the movie is sure to have plenty buyers who love movies of this magnitude of impressions.
What Is Good: Dialogues, Concepts, Runtime and Nara Rohit.
What Is Bad: Narration, Shubra Ayippa performance, Dragged First Half, Unrealistic approach and Love Scenes.
Watch It Or Not: Worth a Shot.
Bottom-line: Nice conceptual film, but failed in execution.
Survi Review: 2.5/5

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